Preparation of long-term manure management plan for Kaliningrad region

The aim of this pilot is to elaborate a draft long-term programme for the utilization of manure generated at farms as fertilizer in Kaliningrad Oblast. The activity closely follows up on the activities in BALTHAZAR and other related experiences in Leningrad region and will be implemented by SZNIIMESH and MTT who have experience of a similar activity.

By the end of May 2014, the experts have analysed data on the amount of animal and poultry manure produced on the farms in Kaliningrad Region, done a chemical and analytical estimation of the waste quality; assessed the plant growing farms in terms of overall cultivated area and their profile of cultivated crops; and compiled a register of basic technologies for animal and poultry manure processing taking into account the local conditions of the Kaliningrad Region, as well as outlined the environmental and technological criteria and guidelines required for a long-term management plan for Kaliningrad region.

 Photo: Harri Huhta / MTT

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