Hot Spots

 hot spots.jpg

The HELCOM Baltic Sea Joint Comprehensive Environmental Programme (JCP) is a tool for facilitating the implementation of pollution reduction measures at the most polluted sites (Hot Spots) in the Baltic Sea. About 160 Hot Spots are listed and a series of actions to remediate them have been undertaken. In a framework of the BASE project an inventory of the status of Hot Spots in Russia was accomplished.

The inventory report prepared by EcoMMAC provides recommendations regarding possible exclusion of the twelve Russian Hot Spots. The survey was based on a questionnaire sent to the authorities of the city of St. Petersburg and of Kaliningrad and Leningrad Regions as well as to the representatives of enterprises and organizations included in the Hot Spot list.  

Two Hot Spots not included in the Report are the Curonian and Vistula lagoons. The topical issue for Kaliningrad is the development of joint management plans for the Curonian lagoon with Lithuanian authorities and for the Vistula lagoon with Polish counterparts. The planning and organization of meetings and discussions with relevant stakeholders have been initiated.