Kaliningrad Oil Terminal

Pilot activity to minimize the Pregolya river pollution with oil products from Kaliningrad port oil terminal

The aim of the activity is to:

  • Assess the contamination of the site and pollutants leaching from the site to the Baltic Sea 
  • Recommend measures for remediation of the Kaliningrad marine oil terminal site
  • Evaluate further steps needed in order to fulfil the criteria for deletion from the HELCOM Hot spot list

Work has started on the development of the screening programme in order to best assess the contamination of the site. Previous work done under BALTHAZAR is being taken into account.


The pilot activity is being implemented by a consortium formed by LLC TehnoTerra with LLC Akat. Pöyry Finland serves as the EU expert.



slurry basin in Kaliningrad Port Oil Terminal.bmp 

                          Photo: TehnoTerra