Curonian lagoon by Elena Kuzmina.jpg

Curonian lagoon and Vistula lagoon are the main water systems of the Kaliningrad Oblast. Both are transboundary, the Curonian lagoon watershed is shared with Lithuania and the Vistula lagoon watershed is shared with Poland. Both lagoons are listed as Hot Spots and need a transboundary approach to develop a management plan that reflects specific issues of each of the lagoons.

Furthermore, the watersheds of the lagoons are connected by the Dayma river and the watershed of the Pregolya river belongs to both the Curonian and Vistula lagoons. Taking under consideration environmental conditions, economic activities and nutrient loads from the catchment area, there is a necessity to develop and implement marine spatial planning to improve the management of the lagoons.

BASE project provides a platform for research and authorities from participating countries to discuss different scenarios and find the solutions necessary for the development of the management plans.