Scattered settlements

Pilot activity regarding treatment of wastewater from small and scattered communities in the Leningrad and Kaliningrad Oblasts

scattered setelments photo by Wojciech Wasawski.jpg 

This pilot activity has been developed in close cooperation with State Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg waterworks, Vodokanal). This pilot is, in particular, focusing on the nutrient reduction potential of small scattered settlements in the Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions.

The project has also taken a look at a concrete model pilot project for a waste water treatment system on the Isle of Valaam, Lake Ladoga. BASE cannot recommend the chosen system as the most cost-efficient way for small settlements to treat their waste water but can confirm that HELCOM requirements will be met using the chosen technology (biorotor). The final report of the BASE expert on the technical potential of the waste water treatment plan on Valaam has been prepared by TineCoin and can be read here​.

Under this component BASE will also raise awareness of good practices for treatment of waste water in scattered settlements including awareness-raising on phosphorus free detergents. The pilot activity has been aligned with past and on-going programmes working towards similar goals (e.g. RusNIP, MOMENT, Coalition Clean Baltic activities, SUE Vodokanal-BSAG cooperation). The main consultant Marketing Agency Murkot of St. Petersburg is supported by the EU Expert FCG International.