General information

This program monitors the amount and composition of marine litter in different compartments. Macrolitter is monitored on the beach and seafloor, whereas microlitter is monitored in the water column and/or in sediments.

Sub-programme: Microlitter particle abundance and characteristics

The monitoring of litter microparticles concerns water column, beach and bottom sediments, depending on the national programmes. 


Sub-programme: Macrolitter charasteristics and abundance/volume

The monitoring of macrolitter concerns beach, water surface, seafloor and biota.

Sub-programme 1: Macrolitter characteristics and abundance/volume - Beach litter

The monitoring of the number of litter items per 100 m beach segment in the Baltic Sea sub-regions is done by each Contracting Party although coordinated by EN-Marine Litter.

The monitoring method applied is closely alligned with the recommendations of the EU MSFD Technical Group on Marine Litter in order to ensure comparable monitoring results of marine litter in Regional Seas with European relevance.

Sub-programme 2: Macrolitter characteristics and abundance/volume - Litter on the seafloor

Sub-programme 3: Macrolitter characteristics and abundance/volume - Floating macrolitter

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