Baltic Sea Action Plan

Reaching Good Environmental Status for the Baltic Sea

HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) is an ambitious programme to restore the good ecological status of the Baltic marine environment by 2021.

The Plan, adopted by all the coastal states and the EU in 2007, provides a concrete basis for HELCOM work. It incorporates the latest scientific knowledge and innovative management approaches into strategic policy implementation, and stimulates goal-oriented multilateral cooperation around the Baltic Sea region.

The BSAP is regularly updated in ministerial meetings.


A healthy Baltic Sea environment, with diverse biological components functioning in balance, resulting in good environmental/ecological status and supporting a wide range of sustainable human economis and social activities.



Baltic Sea unaffected by eutrophication

  • Clear water
  • Natural level of algal blooms
  • Natural distribution and occurrence of plants and animals
  • Natural oxygen levels

​Favourable status of Baltic Sea biodiversity
  • Natural marine and coastal landscapes
  • Thriving and balanced communities of plants and animals
  • Viable populations of species


Baltic Sea undisturbed by hazardous substances
  • Concentrations of hazardous substances close to natural levels
  • All fish are safe to eat
  • Healthy wildlife
  • Radioactivity at the pre-Chernobyl level


​Environmentally friendly maritime activities
  • Enforcement of international regulations – no illegal discharges
  • Safe maritime traffic without accidental pollution
  • Efficient emergency and response capabilities
  • Minimum sewage pollution from ships
  • No introductions of alien species from ships
  • Minimum air pollution from ships
  • Zero discharges from offshore platforms
  • Minimum threats from offshore installations