AB.G Baltic aphotic peat bottoms


HELCOM RED LIST Biotope Expert Team

Textual description

Baltic bottoms in the aphotic zone with at least 90 % coverage of peat bottoms

Physical environment

Salinity range: (7.5-18 psu); exposure range: All; Depth range: Aphotic zone

Characteristic species

No macrophytes

Mapping advise (habitat delineation, identification, similar types)

Subfossile substrata laid bare by currents.

Quality descriptors

Size of area

Geographic range

Southern Baltic Sea

Anthropogenic threats

Dredging, construction, eutrophication, other pollution, coastal defense

Correspondence with other classification systems

HELCOM 1998:

2.11 Peat bottoms

2.11.1 Sublittoral peat bottoms

2.11.2 Hydrolittoral peat bottoms