AB.M4U Baltic aphotic mixed substrate characterized by no macrocommunity


HELCOM RED LIST Biotope Expert Team

Textual description            

Baltic aphotic zone bottoms with less than 90 % coverage of mixed soft and hard Baltic aphotic bottoms with 10- 90 % coverage of hard (rock/boulders/stone) and 10-90 % soft substrata (e.g. muddy/coarse sediment/sand). Macro- epi- or infauna is not present.

Physical environment       

Substrate is soft or crystalline rock, boulders or stones mixed with mobile substrates such as sand or coarse substrate. Depth is typically from 20 to 100 meters.

Geographic range               

Whole Baltic Sea

Correspondence with other classification systems               

HELCOM 1998:

2.8Mixed sediment bottoms

2.8.1 Aphotic zone


EUNIS 2012:

A5 Sublittoral sediment

A5.4 : Sublittoral mixed sediments

A5.41 : Sublittoral mixed sediment in low or reduced salinity

A5.412 : Baltic mixed sediment bottoms of the aphotic zone