AE.O Baltic Sea aphotic pelagic below halocline


HELCOM RED LIST Biotope Expert Team

Physical environment

Salinity range: >12 psu; Exposure range: all; Depth range: below the permanent halocline which is usually at 60-80 m

Geographic range

Whole Baltic Sea

Correspondence with other classification systems

HELCOM 1998:

1.1 Offshore (deep) waters

1.1.2 Below the halocline

HELCOM 2007:

Offshore (deep) waters below the halocline

  • habitat under threat and/or in decline in all areas of occurrence

Ă…land Sea, Archipelago Sea, Gulf of Finland, Gulf ot Riga, The Northern Baltic Proper, Western Gotland Basin, Eastern Gotland Sea, The Southern Baltic Proper, The Gulf of Gdansk, Bay of Mecklenburg, Kiel Bay, Little Belt, Great Belt, The Sound, Kattegat

EUNIS 2012:

A7 Pelagic water column