Red List of Macrophytes

Vaucheria by Pekka Lehtonen.JPG

                                                                                                               Photo: Pekka Lehtonen

Altogether, 317 species of algae, aquatic vascular plants and aquatic bryophytes were assessed in the HELCOM Red List assessment and seven of them were considered threatened (Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable).RL-macrophyte-tot-Fig_7_b.jpg 

Three species were assigned to the category Endangered (EN): one charophyte, Lamprothamium papulosum, and two vascular plants Persicaria foliosa and Hippuris tetraphylla. Four species were categorised as Vulnerable (VU), charophytes Chara braunii and Nitella hyalina and the vascular plants Alisma wahlenbergii and Zostera noltii. Four species were assessed Near Threatened (NT): two charophytes Chara horrida and Nitellopsis obtusa and two vascular plants Crassula aquatica and Potamogeton friesii. Additionally, six species were categorised as Data Deficient (DD).

All threatened and Near Threatened species are characteristic for soft bottom, sheltered environments that suffer from various construction activities, traffic, tourism and other commercial use and where the effects of eutrophication are also more pronounced.

 It is essential also to notice that a large proportion of macrophytes present in the Baltic Sea, 187 species in all, were left completely unevaluated due to serious or complete lack of data (Not Evaluated). RL-macrophyte-NA-Fig_7_a.jpg

HELCOM Red List Lamprothamnium papulosum.pdfHELCOM Red List Lamprothamnium papulosumLamprothamnium papulosumEndangered (EN)B2ab(ii,iii,iv,v)
HELCOM Red List Persicaria foliosa.pdfHELCOM Red List Persicaria foliosaPersicaria foliosaEndangered (EN)B2ab(ii,iii,iv,v)
HELCOM Red List Hippuris tetraphylla.pdfHELCOM Red List Hippuris tetraphyllaHippuris tetraphyllaEndangered (EN)B2ab(i,ii,iii,iv,v)
HELCOM Red List Chara braunii.pdfHELCOM Red List Chara brauniiChara brauniiVulnerable (VU)B2ab(iii)
HELCOM Red List Nitella hyalina.pdfHELCOM Red List Nitella hyalinaNitella hyalinaVulnerable (VU)B2ab(iii)
HELCOM Red List Zostera noltii.pdfHELCOM Red List Zostera noltiiZostera noltiiVulnerable (VU)B2ab (iii, iv)
HELCOM Red List Alisma wahlenbergii.pdfHELCOM Red List Alisma wahlenbergiiAlisma wahlenbergiiVulnerable (VU)B2ab(ii,iii,iv,v)
HELCOM Red List Chara horrida.pdfHELCOM Red List Chara horridaChara horridaNear Threatened (NT)B2b(ii,iii,iv,v)
HELCOM Red List Crassula aquatica.pdfHELCOM Red List Crassula aquaticaCrassula aquaticaNear Threatened (NT)B2ab(ii,iii,iv,v)c(iv)
HELCOM Red List Nitellopsis obtusa.pdfHELCOM Red List Nitellopsis obtusaNitellopsis obtusaNear Threatened (NT)B2a
HELCOM Red List Potamogeton friesii.pdfHELCOM Red List Potamogeton friesiiPotamogeton friesiiNear Threatened (NT)B2a
HELCOM Red List Botrytella reinboldii.pdfHELCOM Red List Botrytella reinboldiiBotrytella reinboldiiData Deficient (DD)-
HELCOM Red List Delamarea attenuata.pdfHELCOM Red List Delamarea attenuataDelamarea attenuataData Deficient (DD)-
HELCOM Red List Helminthora divaricata.pdfHELCOM Red List Helminthora divaricataHelminthora divaricataData Deficient (DD)-
HELCOM Red List Myriocladia lovenii.pdfHELCOM Red List Myriocladia loveniiMyriocladia loveniiData Deficient (DD)-
HELCOM Red List Rosenvingiella constricta.pdfHELCOM Red List Rosenvingiella constrictaRosenvingiella constrictaData Deficient (DD)-
HELCOM Red List Stypocaulon scoparium.pdfHELCOM Red List Stypocaulon scopariumStypocaulon scopariumData Deficient (DD)-
HELCOM Red List Fucus serratus.pdfHELCOM Red List Fucus serratusFucus serratusLeast Concern (LC)-
HELCOM Red List Fucus vesiculosus.pdfHELCOM Red List Fucus vesiculosusFucus vesiculosusLeast Concern (LC)-
HELCOM Red List Furcellaria lumbricalis.pdfHELCOM Red List Furcellaria lumbricalisFurcellaria lumbricalisLeast Concern (LC)-
HELCOM Red List Chara connivens.pdfHELCOM Red List Chara connivensChara connivensLeast Concern (LC)-
HELCOM Red List Chara tomentosa.pdfHELCOM Red List Chara tomentosaChara tomentosaLeast Concern (LC)-