Data and map services

All spatial datasets used and produced by HELCOM in its assessments can be accessed and downloaded from HELCOM Metadata catalogue and viewed in HELCOM Map and Data service

HELCOM Map and Data service is a graphical user interface containing a table of contents of all spatial datasets made available by HELCOM and relevant to HELCOM work. The service contains many functionalities that could be used when viewing the datasets, e.g. identify and attribute table functionalities. The datasets are grouped to following services, which contain a number of map layers grouped in to categories (group layers): 

  • Status assessments: Integrated assessment results, core indicator result maps and underlying datasets
  • Monitoring: Assessment units according to HELCOM Monitoring and Assessment Strategy and monitoring stations used in HELCOM Monitoring manual
  • Pressures and human activities: Land-based pollution as well as various human activities datasets and aggregated pressure layers used in Baltic Sea Impact and Pressure Index (BSPI and BSII). 
  • Biodiversity: Biodiversity related datasets such as Ecosystem component maps used in Baltic Sea Impact and Pressure Index (BSPI and BSII), HELCOM RED LIST species/biotope distribution maps as well as other biota related datasets.
  • Shipping: Maritime activities related datasets, including data from HELCOM Maritime assessment such as AIS density maps by ship type.
  • Background: Background datasets such as rivers, lakes, EEZ as well as Maritime Spatial Plannig areas.  

All HELCOM datasets are also listed in HELCOM Metadata catalogue, which contains INSPIRE compliant metadata record of the dataset, download functionality (zip package containing shapefile / TIFF) and URL to view the dataset in HELCOM Map and Data service. 


The development of the HELCOM map and data service has been supported by:


TAPAS Project - Development of HELCOM Tools and Approaches for the Second Holistic Assessment of the Ecosystem Healts of the Baltic Sea (Theme 4 - Workspaces for data and information) 

​EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Regions (EUSBSR)

Nordic council of ministers

​The Nordic Council of Ministers funded project: Development of HELCOM Data and Geographic Information System


​EU funded HELCOM SCALE project (Project 21.0401/2007/485831/SUB/D2).

EU Framework contract "Development of a shared data and information system between the EU and the regional sea conventions"


HELCOM provides direct access to all HELCOM geospatial datasets either by ArcGIS Rest interface or INSPIRE compliant OGC WMS Standard:

ArcGIS Rest interface address: https://​​​​​

OGC WMS (1.3.0) interface addresses:

Status assessments:

Sea Environmental monitoring:

Pressures and Human Activities:


Maritime & Response:


HELCOM WMS service is currently created with ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 and enabled for multiple spatial reference systems in order to provide data within national coordinate systems used by national web map portals. The coordinate systems currently provided are:

  • EPSG: 3035 (ETRS89LAEA, INSPIRE/EU recommended frame of reference for geodata for Europe.)

  • EPSG: 4326 (WGS84)

  • EPSG: 3857 (WGS84 Web Mercator)

  • EPSG: 3006 (SWEREF99TM)

  • EPSG: 3034 (ETRS89/LCC Europe)




Map service


Shipping accidents dataset updatedShipping2018-11-22
HELCOM Baltic Sea Reference grid (1x1 km) published Background2018-10-11
Beach litter dataset publishedPressures and Human Activities2018-09-30
Datasets used for State of the Baltic Sea report 2018 version published (+100 datasets)Sea Environmental Status,​ Pressures and Human Activities, Biodiversity2018-07-05
Remaining sources and pathways publication datasets (PLC-6) published (inputs of hazardous substances).  
Pressures and Human Activities
Maritime Spatial Plan area map updated (DE) 
Sources and pathways publication datasets (PLC-6) published. Older land based pollution related data removed. 
Pressures and Human Activitie​s
HELCOM Map and Data service user interface updated: New features "Atrribute table" and  "Add WMS"
Maritime assessment datasets published, including AIS shipping density maps (+100 datasets)
​HELCOM MPAs updated (attribute information)
Fisheries VMS datasets (intensity) updated with data for the years 2009-2016 and with new gear type groupings 
Pressures and Human Activitie
Maritime Spatial Plan area map updated (RU, SE) Background2017-11-23
Exclusive Economic Zone dataset updatedBackground2017-10-16
IMO Ship routeing guide dataset updatedShipping2017-10-16​
Harbour porpoise distribution maps from SAMBAH project publishedBiodiversity2017-09-18
Maritime Spatial Plan area map publishedBackground2017-09-11
HELCOM Assessment ​units updated with 2017 versionsSea Environmental monitoring2017-09-04
​Datasets used for State of the Baltic Sea report 2017 version published (+100 datasets)Sea Environmental Status,​ Pressures and Human Activities, Biodiversity2017-07-04
​​​HELCOM Metadata catalogue and new HELCOM Map and Data service published​All2017-06-15

​HELCOM MPAs updated 



Map service interface addresses changed (server update)​



​Harbour porpoise sighting  updated 



​​HELCOM hotspots layer updated according to HOD 51-2016 decisio​n (hotspot 27 removed from the list)

​Pressures and Human Activities


Pharmaceutical datasets produced for BSEP149 published in Land-based-pollution --> Pharmaceuticals

​Pressures and Human Activities


​Monitoring stations updated with new data on pointwise locations of hazardous substances sampling points

​Sea Environmental monitoring


​Response vessels updated 

​Maritime & Response


​HELCOM MPAs attribute table updated 



Illegal oil discharges and Other discharges updated with 2015 data

​Maritime & Response


​Ramsar sites updated 



​Fisheries VMS datasets (intensity) for the years 2009-2013 corrected 

​Pressures and Human Activities


​HELCOM hotspots layer updated according to HOD 49-2015 decision (6 hotspot removed from the list)

​Pressures and Human Activities


​Fisheries VMS data (effort and intensity) for the years 2009-2013 added

​Pressures and Human Activities


​Dredging and depositing sites updated with 2014 data. 

​Pressures and Human Activities


Land-based pollution map service renamed to Pressures and Human Activities

​Pressures and Human Activities


​MORE monitoring stations updated with new station as provided countries (see metadata of each layer)

​Sea Environmental monitoring


​Illegal Discharges data for the year 2014 added

Added new data layer "Other Discharges"

Maritime & Response


​MORE monitoring stations updated with new station as provided by countries (see metadata of each layer)

​Sea Environmental monitoring


​HELCOM MPAs layer updated (11 new areas)



HELCOM hotspots layer updated according to HOD 47-2014 decision (hotspot 18.1 removed from the list)

​Pressures and Human Activities


​​Eutrophication status, confidence and distance to target indicator maps added

​Sea Environmental status​ 


​Biodiversity map service launched with new Red list datasets (205 new datasets available)



​Shipping accidents data for the year 2013 added

Maritime & Response


​Monitoring map service updated and download functionality completed

Sea Environmental monitoring​ 


​Nitrogen and phosphorus inputs per subbasin and country (2010) added

Pressures and Human Activities


​All map service user interfaces updated with new dataset groupings