Red-listed species and biotopes

In the HELCOM Map and Data service all the Red List species and biotope information are visually observable and downloadable under Biodiversity -> RED LIST folder. Species and biotopes shown on the map are classified from classes LC to CR.


The HELCOM Red list datasets show red-listed species by the stage of becoming extinct in five species groups (macrophytes, benthic invertebrates, birds, fish, and marine mammals). The sixth group includes biotopes also classified by the stage of becoming extinct. In addition, biotope annexes show ten biotope combinations that are in danger of becoming extinct in the Baltic Sea.

Red List includes seven categories that are fully explained in the HELCOM publications for both species (HELCOM Red List of Baltic Sea Species in danger or becoming extinct) and biotopes (Red List of Baltic Sea underwater biotopes, habitats and biotope complexes). For more information, please check the links to the publications on the right. Below, you can see Red List classification with abbreviations from least concern to the most endangered:

Least Concern (LC)
Data Deficient (DD)
Near Threatened (NT)
Vulnerable (VU)
Endangered (EN)
Critically Endangered (CR)
Regionally Extinct (RE)
Extinct (EX)