Ballast Water management

​Risk assessment tool under the HELCOM/OSPAR Harmonised Procedure on Exemption under the Ballast Water Management Convention

An online risk assessment tool for alien species transfers via the ballast water of commercial ships was released jointly by HELCOM and OSPAR in 2014.

The tool comprises a database on observations of alien species and physical features in ports, a list of target alien species, a list of all marine and alien species observed in port surveys in the region and an agreed risk assessment model. 


This will allow administrations and ship owners to quickly identify routes that may qualify for exemptions to the application of ballast water management for ships (regulation B-3) and those that are unlikely to. 


The online tool is jointly administered by the HELCOM and OSPAR Secretariats. It has been developed with funding through the HELCOM Aliens 2, ALIENS 3 and BALSAM projects by HELCOM Secretariat and Germany (BSH/Brockmann consult). The further development of the tool will be supported by the joint task group of the two commissions on Ballast Water Management, which will follow up the implementation of the “Harmonised Procedure” in general.


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