Shipping accidents

​HELCOM hosts database of shipping accidents in the Baltic Sea reported by HELCOM contracting parties since the year 2000.

According to the agreed procedure all accidents are reported irrespectively if there was pollution or not. This includes accidents which involved tankers over 150 gross tonnage and/or other ships over 400 GT, both in territorial seas or EEZ of the HELCOM Contracting Party. Accident types cover i.a. groundings, collision with other vessel or contact with fixed structures (offshore installations, wrecks, etc.) disabled vessels (e.g. machinery and/or structure failure), fire and explosion.

In 2004 a new reporting format was developed and used for the reporting of accidents starting in 2004. For that reason the data for 2000-2003 and the subsequent years (2004-) are not fully comparable. The changed reporting is interpreted as a reason for the increased number of accidents in 2004 and subsequent years.

The shipping accidents data can be viewed from HELCOM Map and Data service.