Baltic Sea environment fact sheets

​The aim of the HELCOM Baltic Sea environment fact sheets (BSEFS)  is to provide information on the recent state of and trends in the Baltic marine environment. The Baltic Sea environment fact sheets are compiled by scientists in various research institutes around the Baltic Sea. 

These fact sheet provide supplementary information to the HELCOM core indicators which have been developed for following up on progress towards reaching the ecological objectives defined in the Baltic Sea Action Plan and the Good Envionmental Status (GES) under the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

Baltic Sea environment fact sheets lack quantitative targets for measuring progress towards good ecological/environmental status and thus do not qualify as core indicators, however, they do provide important supporting data and information for core indicators and other HELCOM assessment products.

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Baltic Sea Environment Fact Sheets



Relative changes of modelled total annual atmospheric deposition of cadmium, mercury, and lead to the Baltic Sea for the period 1990-2011, (% of 1990).