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The data and resulting data products (tables, figures and maps) available on the indicator web pages can be used freely given that the source is cited. The indicator should be cited as following: 

HELCOM (2018) Abundance of sea trout spawners and parr. HELCOM core indicator report. Online. [Date Viewed], [Web link].

ISSN 2343-2543



Result: Abundance of sea trout spawners and parr

Data: Abundance of sea trout spawners and parr


In total, data was available from 240 sites in about 120 streams and rivers for period 2012-2014. ICES sub-divisions 21 to 32 are represented. At least ten sites are included from each of the ICES sub-divisions 25, 27, 30, 31 and 32.

Due to continuous concerns about the state and information available on sea trout in the Baltic Sea, a Study Group on Data Requirements and Assessment Needs for Baltic Sea Trout (SGBALANST) was established by ICES to work for a period of two years to identify a common classification system of habitats between countries (ICES 2011).