Data and updating

Access and use

The data and resulting data products (tables, figures and maps) available on the indicator web pages can be used freely given that the source is cited. The indicator should be cited as following:

HELCOM (2018) Metals (lead, cadmium and mercury). HELCOM core indicator report. Online. [Date Viewed], [Web link].

ISSN 2343-2543



Result: Heavy metals - Cadmium (Cd)

Data: Heavy metals - Cadm ium (Cd) sediment data

Data: Heavy metals - Ca dmium (Cd) water data

Data: Heavy metals - Cadm ium (Cd) biota data

Result: Heavy metals – Lead (Pb)

Data: Heavy metals – Lead (Pb) sediment data

Data: Heavy metals – Lea d (Pb) water data

Data: Heavy metals – Lead (Pb) biota data

Result: Heavy metals – Mercury (Hg)

Data: Heavy metals – Mercury (Hg) biota data


The indicator is based on data held in the HELCOM COMBINE database, hosted at the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES).