Monitoring Requirements

Monitoring methodology

HELCOM common monitoring of relevance to the indicator is documented in the on-line HELCOM Monitoring Manual in the sub-programme: Contaminants in biota and sub-programme: Contaminants in sediment.

Monitoring guidelines on the determination of persistent organic compounds in biota are currently documented in the HELCOM COMBINE manual, and are under review.


Current monitoring

The monitoring activities relevant to the indicator that are currently carried out by HELCOM Contracting Parties are described in the HELCOM Monitoring Manual

Sub-programme: monitoring concepts table for biota and the monitoring concepts table for sediment.

PAHs are monitored in biota in Denmark, Poland and Sweden and in sediments in Denmark, Poland and Sweden.

PAH metabolites in fish bile are regularly monitored by Denmark, Germany and Poland. Pre-monitoring stage of PAH metabolites investigations exist in Finland and Poland.


Description of optimal monitoring

PAHs or their metabolites are not monitored adequately in the eastern parts of the Baltic Sea. Especially, the lack of monitoring in Gulf of Finland is noteworthy.