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Under the theme of Maritime Spatial Planning, HELCOM stand at the 2016 European Maritime Day launches a​ dialogue sessions, live interactive maps, common roadmaps presented and ideas from visitors collected​.

Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), highly challenging and highly fascinating, provides the possibility of widening the horizon beyond purely sectoral thinking towards a more integrated spatial approach to any planning activities in the oceans and the seas. 

The key aim for HELCOM at the Exhibition is to showcase inter-governmental as well as specialized MSP work on macro-regional, European and global levels and give food for thought on new possible ways of meeting the countries' needs as well as connecting various organizations and policies and their MSP efforts.

​Contribution from visitors and the audience will be organized through an online survey available at the stand during the exhibition. The visitors will be requested to provide in feedback to "Our common goal is better knowledge of oceans and seas and sustainable management of human activities"

1) What do you need for MSP (user perspective)?

2) What can you provide for MSP (provider perspective)?

Results of the survey​ will be published on the HELCOM MSP web page.

Details coming up soon
The blend of guests at the stand ranging from strategic political level to operative administration, specialized agencies and research is to showcase possibilities for new ways of cooperating across different expertise and mandates. The tentative guests include:

-       Minister of Agriculture and the Environment of Finland, responsible for MSP, Kimmo Tiilikainen (tbc)

-       Katarzyna Krzywda, Director, the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation of Poland, Chair of the HELCOM-VASAB Baltic Sea Region Data Expert Sub-Group, member of the EU's Member States Expert Group on MSP (tbc)

-       Anita Mäkinen, Chief Adviser, Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Co-Chair of the HELCOM-VASAB MSP Working Group;

-      Scott Large, Professional Officer for Advisory Department, International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES​)