Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment Area

The Pressure group provides the necessary technical basis to the work on inputs of nutrients and hazardous substances from both diffuse and point sources on land, including follow-up of the implementation of the HELCOM nutrient reduction scheme.

The group focuses on developing solutions to the policy-relevant questions and needs. The group will also have marine litter and underwater noise in its portfolio.

Please note since September 2014, ​the Pressure group has covered the functions of the former HELCOM LAND​ group.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact:
Lars Sonesten.jpg
Chair of Pressure group

Lars Sonesten​
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences​
Tel: +46 18673007​

HELCOM Secretariat

Mr. Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky
Professional Secretary
Tel: +358 40 630 9933 
Skype: helcom68