​Nature Protection and Biodiversity Group

Note that as of September 2014 onwards, the functions of HABITAT Group are handled by State & Conservation group

​The Nature Protection and Biodiversity Group (HELCOM HABITAT) compiles information on the many ecosystems and habitats that provide vital breeding grounds, nurseries, shelter and food sources for the plant and animal species that live in and around the Baltic Sea. The need to preserve these habitats must be carefully considered in a whole range of human activities carried out in the Baltic Sea and its catchment area.
HELCOM HABITAT works to ensure that suitable information on habitats, species and the conservation of biodiversity is available for all HELCOM's main groups, to help them implement the ecosystem-based management approach and extend the principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) to cover the whole Baltic Sea.

  • HELCOM HABITAT identifies and assesses the current and potential impacts of human activities on Baltic marine biodiversity (ecosystems/habitats, species and genetic diversity), in order to provide information on specific problems and the need for conservation for HELCOM's other groups, ad hoc groups and projects.

  • HELCOM HABITAT also makes concrete proposals for consideration by the HELCOM's other main groups, ad hoc groups and projects regarding possible measures to reduce or eliminate any impacts of current or planned human activities that could adversely affect marine biodiversity, habitats or species.

Priority areas

  • to co-ordinate regional activities to conserve and protect biodiversity, species and habitats and promote the sustainable use of living marine resources.

  • to ensure the need for environmental protection is duly considered in different activities that affect the marine environment, by using tools such as spatial planning and environmental impact assessments.

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Ms. Katarzyna Kamińska
Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,
Unit for Management of Fish Resources in the Baltic Sea,
The Department of Fisheries

Phone: +48 22623 2099
Fax: +48 22623 2204

HELCOM Secretary

Ms. Jannica Haldin
Professional Secretary

Phone: +358 40 485 5905​
E-mail:  jannica.haldin@helcom.fi​