2013 Copenhagen

The responsible Ministers and the EU Commissioner assembled in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2013 to assess the progress made towards reaching  a good environmental status in the Baltic Sea by 20​21. For more information, please see the PDF of the HELCOM Copenhagen Declaration "Taking Further Action to Implement the Baltic Sea Action Plan - Reaching Good Environmental Status for a healthy Baltic Sea".​

Adopted/Endorsed documents

HELCOM Recommendation 34E/1 "Safeguarding important bird habitats and migration routes in the Baltic Sea from negative effects of wind and wave energy production at sea"

HELCOM Recommendation 34E/2 "Further testing and developing the concept of pro-active route planning as well as other e-navigation solutions to enhance safety of navigation and protection of the marine environment in the Baltic Sea Region"

HELCOM Recommendation 34E/3 “Amendments to Annex VII 'Response to Pollution Accidents' of the 1992 Helsinki Convention, concerning response on the shore"

HELCOM Recommendation 34E/4 "Airborne surveillance with remote sensing equipment in the Baltic Sea Area"

Regional Baltic Maritime Spatial Planning Roadmap 2013-2020 

BSHC-HELCOM Revised Baltic Sea Harmonised Hydrographic Re-Survey Scheme 

HELCOM Response Manual Volume III “Response to Pollution Incidents on the shore”

Joint HELCOM/OSPAR Guidelines on the granting of exemptions under the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, RegulationA-4

HELCOM Monitoring and Assessment Strategy

HELCOM Interim Guidance on technical and operational aspects of delivery of sewage by passenger ships to port reception facilities

Revised Palette of measures for reducing phosphorus and nitrogen losses from agriculture

Palette of measures on cost-effective management options to reduce discharges, emissions, and losses of hazardous substances