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A key aim of the 2013 Ministerial Meeting was to evaluate progress in the implementation of HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan, and reaching the commonly agreed goals. The following documents were part of the Meeting agenda as major HELCOM outcomes, decided on by all HELCOM Contracting Parties, and they served the HELCOM Ministers and the EU Commissioner in deciding on further steps in the protection of the Baltic Sea:

Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Area - HELCOM thematic assessment in 2013

HELCOM Red List of Baltic Sea underwater biotopes, habitats and biotope complexes

HELCOM Red List of Baltic Sea species in danger of becoming extinct

Overview of the status of the network of Baltic Sea marine protected areas

Extended summary of the updated Fifth Baltic Sea Pollution Load Compilation (PLC-5.5)

Summary report on the development of revised maximum allowable inputs (MAI) and updated country allocated reduction targets (CART) of the Baltic Sea Action Plan

Overview of implementation of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan

Implementing the ecosystem approach - HELCOM regional coordination

Eutrophication status in the Baltic Sea 2007-2011 - A concise thematic assessment

The Baltic Sea between blue growth and green limits - The HELCOM Youth Forum 2012 Proceedings


background documents

Several recent documents further assisted the Ministers in achieving informed decisions:

Baltic Sea Action Plan - Index of actions

Report on implementation of HELCOM Recommendations within the competence of HELCOM LAND adopted since HELCOM BSAP (2007)

Improved flight permits for HELCOM surveillance aircraft fleet

Thematic assessment of long-term changes in radioactivity in the Baltic Sea, 2007-2010

HELCOM Red List Biotope Information Sheets (BIS)

HELCOM Red List Species Information Sheets (SIS): Macrophytes

HELCOM Red List Species Information Sheets (SIS): Benthic invertebrates

HELCOM Red List Species Information Sheets (SIS): Birds

HELCOM Red List Species Information Sheets (SIS): Fish

HELCOM Red List Species Information Sheets (SIS): Mammals

Approaches and methods for eutrophication target setting in the Baltic Sea region

Progress with the integration of oiled wildlife response into response planning 2013

Final report of the HELCOM Coreset project

HELCOM core set of biodiversity and hazardous substances core indicators

Chemical munitions dumped in the Baltic Sea - Report of the ad hoc Expert Group to Update and Review the Existing Information on Dumped Chemical Munitions in the Baltic Sea (HELCOM MUNI)

Baltic STERN Summary Report for HELCOM 2013 Ministerial Meeting - Worth it: Benefits outweigh costs in reducing eutrophication in the Baltic

Final report on implementation of hot spots programme under the Baltic Sea Joint Comprehensive Environmental Action Programme (JCP), 1992-2013

Status of national management plans for seals

Joint HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working Group report 2012-2013

BASE project report - BASE project: Report on the status of Russian hot spots [ENG] / [RUS]