Call for photos!

call _for_photos.png

HELCOM has a constant need for quality photographs to support our work for the Baltic marine environment, to be used in printed publications as well as for web, news, and social media purposes. We especially lack photos from the southern and eastern Baltic areas and of people and activities.

We are currently looking for photos for the 2018 HELCOM wall calendar. The calendar will contain photos from different regions and different seasons, covering all sorts of themes: landscapes, people and activities, animals, underwater life and landscapes, ships and vessels, etc. More abstract photography is also welcome, as long as there is a Baltic connection.

As the budget of HELCOM communications continues to be limited we have minor – albeit some – interest in purchasing photographs. The photographer will naturally always be credited.

When submitting images, please follow these instructions:

  • Mention the extent of the publication rights you grant HELCOM and any conditions attached to the rights
  • Make sure the resolution is at least 3500 px along the long edge, the aspect ratio is 3:2 or 4:3 (will be printed as A4), and the quality is sufficient for professional printing
  • If you have many large files, please send the images first as thumbnails, or contact us by email for other sending options
  • Name at least the location of the photo and the date when it was taken
  • A caption would add extra value

For the calendar, please submit your images no later than Monday 20 November, 2017 to We are very grateful for any photo contributions and/or help with spreading this message!