HELCOM's main tasks are carried out by the eight ​main groups. In addition, HELCOM projects or ad hoc groups can be established to provide an adaptive and flexible system for dealing with specific issues from a more thematic perspective. Such projects and groups create useful linkages between the work carried out within the permanent working groups.

>> Completed projects ​

Action area
FISH-PRO IIGo to siteBaltic-Wide Assessment of Coastal Fish Communities in Support of an Ecosystem-based ManagementMonitoring and assessment; Species and habitats; FisheriesOngoing2013-2018
HOLAS IIGo to siteSecond Holistic Assessment of the Ecosystem Health of the Baltic SeaMonitoring and assessmentOngoing2015-2018
PEGGo to siteHELCOM Phytoplankton Expert GroupMonitoring and assessmentOngoing2014-2016
PLC-6Go to siteSixth Baltic Sea Pollution Load CompilationMonitoring and assessmentOngoing2012-2017
TAPASGo to siteHELCOM TAPAS: Development of HELCOM tools and approaches for the Second Holistic Assessment of the Ecosystem Health of the Baltic SeaMonitoring and assessmentOngoing2016-2018
ZEN-ZIIMGo to siteZooplankton Indicator Integration to Monitoring in the Baltic SeaMonitoring and assessmentOngoing2015-2017
BALTIC LINesGo to siteCoherent linear infrastructures in Baltic Maritime Spatial PlansMaritime spatial planning; ShippingOngoing2016-2019
SPICEGo to siteImplementation and development of key components for the assessment of Status, Pressures and Impacts, and Social and Economic evaluation in the Baltic Sea marine regionMonitoring and assessmentOngoing2017
OPENRISK tools for asssessing the risk of maritime accidents and spillsResponse to spills; ShippingOngoing2017-2018
PLC-7Go to siteSeventh Baltic Sea Pollution Load CompilationLand based pollutionOngoing2017-2020
HASPS 2Go to siteHorizontal Action “Spatial Planning” Support 2 Maritime spatial planningOngoing2016-2018
COMPLETEGo to siteCompleting management options in the Baltic Sea Region to ShippingOngoing2017-2020
EnviSuMGo to siteEnvironmental Impact of Low Emission Shipping: Measurements and Modelling StrategiesShippingOngoing2016-2019