WP3: Seals and seabirds

​Since marine mammals and seabirds are highly mobile in their environment, their monitoring requires international coordination and cooperation in the Baltic Sea. WP3 provided recommendations and setup a comprehensive framework for monitoring of these species.


Picture: Markus Ahola​

Specifically, WP3 provided a coordination platform for seabird monitoring, developed guidelines for coordinated monitoring in the Baltic, catalogued current survey and monitoring information and provided a metadatabase with detailed information on all marine waterbird surveys in the Baltic Sea since 1991.

A distribution and abundance database for the three seal species in the Baltic was also produced as well as guidelines for the monitoring of seals.

WP3 was led by Aarhus University (AU) from Denmark and five other organisations are taking part in the work: Latvian Fund for Nature (LFN, also coordinating the seabird work), Swedish Museum of Natural History  (SMNH), Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (FGFRI), WWF Finland and the Estonian Fund for Nature (EFN)

For more information, please contact:

SEALS: Mr. Anders Galatius

WP3 lead, Aarhus University

+45 2871 0372


SEABIRDS: Mr. Ainars Aunins

Latvian Fund for Nature




Ms. Johanna Karhu

Project Coordinator, HELCOM Secretariat
+358 (0)40 6619040
Skype: helcom63​

 Past Meetings

15/10/2013 Copenhagen, Denmark: WP3 seal meeting

08/05/2014 Tallinn, Estonia: WP3 seabird workshop with external experts

21/10/2014 Turku, Finland: WP3 seal meeting

28-29/01/2015 Jurmala, Latvia: Seabird expert workshop