WP6: Benthic habitats

WP6 compiled existing information on monitoring and research on benthic habitats in the Baltic Sea. The Work Package also developed guidelines and recommendations for monitoring programs on benthic habitats to meet the MSFD needs.


Photo: OCEANA - Carlos Minguell

The main activities were to catalogue the existing monitoring activities and methods on biotopes in the Baltic Sea with an assessment of how they contribute to MSFD criteria. The Work Package also tested scanning methods and made proposals to increase accuracy and cost-efficiency for monitoring (linked with the MARMONI project) and developed a manual on habitat monitoring with recommendations on monitoring programmes for typical Baltic biotopes and habitats.

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Ms. Heidrun Fammler

WP6 lead, Baltic Environment Forum Latvia

+49 40 5330 7075



Ms. Johanna Karhu

Project Coordinator, HELCOM Secretariat
+358 (0)40 6619040
Skype: helcom63

 Past Meetings

04/10/2013, Riga, Latvia: WP6 kick off meeting

07/02/2014, Riga, Latvia: WP6 meeting

09/05/2014, Tallinn, Estonia: WP6 meeting