Background information

In 2014, the European Commission concluded that regional coherence in the implementation of MSFD Articles 8, 9 and 10 in the Baltic Sea marine region was established for some aspects of eutrophication and hazardous substances but could be improved for other areas. Since then, HELCOM has already taken steps to improve regional coherence in the implementation of marine strategies and through BalticBOOST several activities that will contribute to improved coherence are taken forward. As regards MSFD descriptors, the project is focused on issues related to Biodiversity (descriptor 1), Hazardous substances (descriptor 8), Physical loss and damage to seabed habitats (descriptor 6), Noise (descriptor 11) and the regional coordination of Programmes of Measures (MSFD Article 13).

The project is coordinated by HELCOM and has 10 partners from the HELCOM EU Member States and one international organisation (ICES). The project implementation is guided by HELCOM groups as well as HELCOM workshops carried out as part of the project.