Baltic Impulse Workshops


The second workshop of the Baltic Impulse, a cluster of nine environmental projects running under Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007 – 2013, was organised to intensify exchange of experiences and ideas and further development of cooperation between the partners. The workshop focused on the preparations for the final synthesis report. The aim of both the report and the Cluster itself is to ensure further use of outcomes of the partner projects and to increase their visibility. The participants discussed the contents and structure of the report, and the policy recommendations to be included in the document. 

Baltic Impulse workshop was held at Almodovar Hotel in Berlin on Tuesday 16th of April, back-to-back with the Baltic Sea Region Programme Thematic Programming Workshop concentrating on environment.

Outcome of the workshop

Group 1 Farm-based practices Group discussion summary

Group 2 Public Management Group discussion summary

Future needs - suggestions from workshop participants

The first workshop took place in Helsinki on 20th and 21st November 2012. The event was hosted by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). In the workshop, the project participants were complemented by representatives of 15 organisations involved in the Baltic Impulse.

Workshop materials

Cluster Coordinator's Presentation About the Baltic Impulse Cluster

Baltic Impulse Presentation template