First workshop in Helsinki


New synergies for saving the Baltic Sea waters​


21 November 2012, Helsinki, Finland - The first Baltic Impulse Cluster workshop continues today in Helsinki, with the aim of finding deeper synergies and potential knowledge gaps within the nine environmental projects partnering in the Cluster for improved regional research in the future. In the workshop, the project participants are complemented by representatives of 15 organisations involved in the Baltic Impulse. The event is hosted by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).

Over the course of two days, the workshop participants are discussing outcomes of their work within particular projects, and their potential contribution to the Baltic Impulse. Each of the partners has also in advance identified possible bridging issues between the different projects gathered in the cluster, as well as potential knowledge gaps preventing the new synergies. A better exposure for all the important outcomes of the different projects will also be planned for.

- All the projects have the same goal - an improved status of the Baltic Sea - but very different approaches. Some have worked with agri-environmental issues, some with hazardous substances, some with wastewaters and one with improved implementation of water directives. It will be fruitful to have new perspectives and find synergies between the partners. Networking is also an important factor, as the challenges of the Baltic Sea can only met by transnational cooperation, says Paula Biveson, Baltic Impulse coordinator from the Baltic Sea Action Group.

The workshop discussions will revolve around the two themes central to the cluster: reduction in nutrient pollution, mainly by preventing the leaching of phosphorus and nitrogen and by phosphorus recycling; and the environmentally sound management of hazardous substances.

The outcomes of all the Baltic Impulse work, funded by EU Baltic Sea Region Programme, will be published in the new Cluster web pages:

Baltic Impulse is a cluster of nine environmental projects running under Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. The aim of the cluster is to ensure further use of outcome of the projects and increase their visibility, as well as to create a platform for exchange of knowledge and assure further development of cooperation between the projects.

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