Vistula Lagoon Forum, 13-14 May 2014, Kaliningrad, Russia

VISTULA LAGOON WATER FORUM as a first cross-project and multi-stakeholder trans-border regional event was organised in Kaliningrad 13-14 May 2014.
It was organised under the leadership of HELCOM BASE Project with close cooperation with VILA project (Lithuania-Poland-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme) and other projects focused on the Vistula Lagoon and its catchment.

The event gathered together Polish and Russian authorities, practitioners and researchers to discuss practical problems, results of different studies, possible solutions and directions of joint sustainable use of water resources in the Vistula Lagoon region.

The outcome of the Forum was resolution in English and in Russian to continue cooperation in regard to development of the joint management plan for the Vistula Lagoon.

Presentations from the VISTULA LAGOON FORUM:

Please check also BASE Lagoons site

Curonian Spit - extension of the marine protected zone seminars in Kaliningrad, Russia: 

       -   20-21 May 2014 - the second seminar

        -  29 May 2014 - the final seminar

During the seminars the process, involvement of different national/regional authorities' and already developed documentation on creation of the marine protected zone will be presented.

Documents have been prepared already according the new regulations on creation of national parks protection zones in Russia. Minutes and conclusions form the meetings.

More information can be obtained from the Russian expert Mr. Sergey Kondratienko E-mail:

Baltic Sea Day, 19-21 March 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia

The BASE project took an active role in the XV International Forum 'Baltic Sea Day' and presented results of the pilot projects on the following thematic sessions:

Roundtable on "Prerequisites for transition on environmentally friendly farming and protection of water bodies from nutrient loading from rural areas" (agenda)

  • Presentation (in Russian only) ​on development of long-term plan for manure management for Kaliningrad region, Mr. Aleksandr Bri​ukhanov from SZNIIMESH 

Roundtable on "Impact of human activities on marine biodiversity" (agenda)

  • Presentation (in Russian only) on development of management plan for salmon in Luga river, Mr. Dmitry Sendek/Mr. Sergey Titov from State Research Institute on Lake and River Fisheries
  • Presentation on extension of the marine protected zone of the Curonian Spit National Park –challenges and solutions, Mr. Sergey Kondratienko

Roundtable on "Hazardous Substances – Consumer behaviour and public awareness" (agenda)

  • Microplastics, why it matters – knowledge from the Baltic Sea and Waste Water Treatment Plant from Helsinki and St. Petersburg, Ms. Julia Talvitie from Helsinki Environmental Services Authority HSY​
  • Occurrence of pharmaceuticals in the Baltic sea – scale of the problem, Ms. Niina Vieno from Envieno Oy
  • BASE project work on pharmaceuticals, Mr. Vladimir Nikiforov from St. Petersburg Scientific Research Center for Ecological Safety (RAS)
  • Pilot activity to minimization of the Pregolya river pollution with oil products from Kaliningrad port oil terminal, Mr. Vladimir Reshetov from TECHNO TERRA (in Russian only)​

Roundtable on "Monitoring activities in the frame of BASE, RUSNIP II and other projects" (agenda)

More information and all presentations are available on

BASE Project Meeting II, 10 December 2013, Helsinki, Finland                                                                                                                                                                    

The purpose of the second project meeting was to take stock of results achieved so far under different component of the BASE project. Consultants and partners representing different fields presented their latest findings and discussed ideas for the finalisation of the project. The agenda, list of participants and presentations are available in the HELCOM Meeting Portal.


Luga salmon - Advisory Board Meeting, 9-10 September 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia

The purpose of the meeting was to gather together researchers involved in activities related to wild salmon population as well as regional authorities responsible for development of the management plan for the Luga river. The advisory board consists also of experts involved in other projects related to the Luga river. It is crucial to avoid overlapping activities and to find synergies to support the development of the management plan.


Curonian Spit and Curonian lagoon seminar, 19-20 June 2013, Kaliningrad, Russia

The meeting was organised by EcoMMAC in a framework of a pilot project "Development of the maritime specially protected area in the Baltic Sea through extension of the Curonian Spit National Park". The agenda included discussions on necessary steps to develop a joint management plan of the Curonian Lagoon and to extend protected zone of the Curonian Spit National Park for the marine part of the Baltic Sea. The aim of the meeting was to give opportunity different actors (research and decision makers) to present their ideas, legal frameworks different authorities operate and find possible scenarios for implementation joint plans.

Report on the results of the seminar "Practical measure for biodiversity conservation and approaches to integrated management of economic activities in the waters of the Baltic Sea adjustment to the Kaliningrad region".

Minutes in English and in Russian.



Hazardous substances