EnviSuM Project

​​​​​​​​Environmental Impact of Low Emission Shipping: Measurements and Modelling Strategies

Project objective:

to study technical efficiency and socio-economic impacts of clean shipping solutions

Project specific objectives:

  1. To provide policy makers and authorities with tools and recommendations for the development of future regulations benefiting the environment and public health in the Baltic Sea Region
  2. To provide tested and analysed results on efficiency of the different clean shipping solutions
  3. To assess present and future compliance costs, health and environmental effects of ship emissions in view of the IMO regulations that entered into force in January 2015
  4. To enhance sustainable development in the form of cost effective means for clean shipping​

Project partners

University of Turku (lead partner)
Finnish Meteorological Institute
Chalmers University of Technology
Maritime Development Center
Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Maritime University of Szczecin
Tallinn University of Technology
City of Gothenburg
University of Gothenburg
Baltic Marine Consult GmbH
Nordkalk Corporation

Associated partners 

The city of St. Petersburg
State Company Mineral
Ministry of Infrastructure and Development
Port of Gothenburg
Finnish Port Association
Shortsea Promotion Centre (SPC) Finland
MAN Diesel & Turbo
Union of the Baltic Cities
Port of Tallinn
Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and State Development Mecklenburg-Vorpommen
Agency of Regional Air Quality Monitoring in Gdansk
Port of Gdynia Authority
Port of Gdansk Authority
Port of Sxczecin and Swinoujscie Authority
Polish Shipowners’ Association​​

For more information, please contact: ​

Sari Repka
Sari Repka
Project Manager
Centre for Maritime Studies

University of Turku

Mobile +358 40 801 9206