​Initiatives to remove microplastics before they enter the sea

FanpLESStic-sea is an EU INTERREG Baltic Sea Region project aimed at decreasing and removing microplastics in the Baltic Sea. 

FanpLESStic-sea envisaged outputs are:

  • A model to map, understand and visualize microplastic pathways that will be applied to the partners’ cities and/or regions

  • Piloting of new technology i) for filtering out microplastics; ii) sustainable drainage solutions as means for removal of microplastics; and iii) to remove microplastics from stormwater

  • Defining innovative governance frameworks and engaging a large range of players for the implementation of coordinated and cost-efficient measures resulting in locally adapted investment proposals/plans for each partner’s region

  • Dissemination of project results, including reports on barriers and ways forward, to increase institutional capacity on up-stream and problem-targeted methods to remove microplastics.

The FanpLESStic-sea project will run for 30 months (January 2019-June 2021).

The project partners are:

  • Sweden Water Research (SE, Project Coordinator)

  • Aalborg University (DK)

  • Natural Resources Institute Finland (FI) 

  • Helsinki Commission (HELCOM)

  • Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology (LV)

  • Siauliai Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (LT) 

  • Salt Lofoten AS (NO)

  • Gdanks Water Utilities Ltd. (PL)

  • Gdansk Water Ltd. (PL)

  • State Autonomous Institution of the Kaliningrad region "Environmental Center "ECATKaliningrad" (RU)

  • Luleå University of Technology (SE)

For more information please contact

​Ms. Marta Ruiz

Associate Professional Secretary                   

Mr. Aaron Vuola

Project Coordinator​

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