PanBaltic SCOPE (2018–2019)

PanBaltic SCOPE is a two-year project coordinated by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, funded by EASME, and involves 12 main partners. The project brings together eight maritime spatial planning (MSP) authorities from seven HELCOM countries with the aim of developing a coherent national maritime spatial planning initiative in the Baltic Sea region, creating a lasting macro-regional mechanism for cross-border MSP cooperation.

The project will focus on cross-border collaboration and consultation to support national MSP processes, help advance the implementation of the ecosystem-based approach, encourage data sharing, and explore the integration of land-sea interactions into MSP actions. The project outcomes will offer support for the implementation of EU MSP directives, objectives defined in the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy, Blue economy initiatives, the EU2020 Strategy, the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan, VASAB Long Term Perspective, and the Territorial Development of the Baltic Sea Region (LTP). The project will also add to continued development of regional economic and social analyses in support of the ecosystem approach, as have been initiated in the State of the Baltic Sea report (HOLAS II).

Objectives include: building on previous MSP-related initiatives, establishment of a cross-border planning forum, facilitation of cross-border activities, development of approaches and tools to contribute to coherent MSP, careful integration of the ecosystem-based approach into MSP activities, clear examination of land-sea interactions, and opening a forum for sharing best practices and knowledge.

The Project is formed of five interlinked work packages: 
WP1.1 Cross-border collaboration and consultation to support national MSP processes; 
WP1.2 Advancing the implementation of the ecosystem-based approach and data sharing; 
WP1.3 Integrating land-sea interactions into MSP; 
WP2.1 Management and coordination; 
WP 3.1 Communication and dissemination.

HELCOM is heavily involved in WP1.2 as a partner in the data sharing section and as section leader for Cumulative Impacts and Economic and Social Analyses aspects.

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