HELCOM publishes diverse reports and brochures as well as audiovisual materials about the Baltic Sea and its environment. The main series is the Baltic Sea Environment Proceedings (BSEP). ​​

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Action area
Clean_Shipping_Guide_2017_Cover_150px.pngBaltic Sea Clean Shipping Guide 2017Baltic Sea Clean Shipping Guide 2017Shipping; Response to spills07/05/2018Yes
BSEP153Sources and pathways of nutrients to the Baltic SeaIndustrial releases; Land based pollution; Monitoring and assessment26/03/2018No Maritime Assessment 2018Fisheries; Marine litter and noise; Response to spills; Shipping09/03/2018No
Overview of nutrient recycling in the Baltic Sea countriesOverview of nutrient recycling in the Baltic Sea countriesAgriculture; Industrial releases07/02/2018No assessment of radioactive substances in the Baltic Sea 2011–2015Monitoring and assessment01/02/2018No of the BSAP 2018Implementation of the Baltic Sea Action Plan 2018Agriculture; Fisheries; Industrial releases; Land based pollution; Marine litter and noise; Marine protected areas; Maritime spatial planning; Monitoring and assessment; Response to spills; Shipping; Species and habitats; Underwater noise; Pharmaceuticals29/01/2018No
Guidelines for measuring chlorophyll aGuidelines for measuring chlorophyll aMonitoring and assessment31/07/2017
Guidelines for measuring Secchi depthGuidelines for measuring Secchi depthMonitoring and assessment31/07/2017
Guidelines for monitoring of mesozooplanktonGuidelines for monitoring of mesozooplanktonMonitoring and assessment31/07/2017
Guidelines for monitoring of non-indigenous species by eRASGuidelines for monitoring of non-indigenous species by eRASMonitoring and assessment31/07/2017