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Action area
Publication category
Noise sensitivity of animals in the Baltic Sea2019Marine litter and noise; Underwater noise; Species and habitatsBSEP seriesno
HELCOM Annual Activities Report 20182019Not applicableBSEP seriesno
Baltic Sea case study – A Practical Demonstration on the Use of the OpenRisk Guideline2019Response to spills; ShippingBSEP series; Other HELCOM reports; Shipping accidentsno
HELCOM guidelines for Monitoring of Radioactive Substances2019Monitoring and assessmentManuals and guidelinesNo
2019Industrial releases; Land based pollution; Monitoring and assessment; PharmaceuticalsOther HELCOM reportsno
Alternative fuels for shipping in the Baltic Sea region2019ShippingOther HELCOM reportsno
HELCOM Guidelines for the annual and periodical compilation and reporting of waterborne pollution inputs to the Baltic Sea (PLC-Water)2019Land based pollution; Monitoring and assessmentManuals and guidelinesno
Survey of polystyrene foam (EPS and XPS) in the Baltic Sea2019Marine litterOther HELCOM reportsno
Guidelines on transboundary MSP output data structure in the Baltic Sea2019Maritime spatial planningManuals and guidelines
2019Land based pollution; Industrial releases; Agriculture; Monitoring and assessment
2019Monitoring and assessment; Land based pollution; Agriculture; Industrial releases
2019Industrial releases; Land based pollution; Monitoring and assessmentOther HELCOM reports
HELCOM Guidelines for coastal fish monitoring 20192019Monitoring and assessmentManuals and guidelines
Estimating physical disturbance on seabed2018Species and habitats; Maritime spatial planningOther HELCOM reports; BSEP series; Other reportsno
Input of nutrients by the seven biggest rivers in the Baltic Sea region2018Land based pollution; Monitoring and assessment; Agriculture; Industrial releasesBSEP series; Other HELCOM reports; Other reportsno
Inputs of hazardous substances to the Baltic Sea2018Industrial releases; Land based pollution; Monitoring and assessment; PharmaceuticalsBSEP series; Other HELCOM reports; Other reportsno
Status of coastal fish communities in the Baltic Sea during 2011-2016 – the third thematic assessment2018Fisheries; Monitoring and assessment; Species and habitats; HOLAS IIBSEP series
Economic and social analyses in the Baltic Sea region – HELCOM Thematic assessment 2011–20162018HOLAS II; Monitoring and assessmentBSEP seriesno
Thematic assessment of cumulative impacts on the Baltic Sea 2011-20162018Monitoring and assessment; HOLAS IIBSEP seriesno
HELCOM Thematic assessment of biodiversity 2011-20162018HOLAS II; Monitoring and assessment; Species and habitatsBSEP seriesno
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