Rec 31E-4ValidProper handling of waste/landfilling 20/05/2010
Rec 31E-3ValidCadmium in fertilizers 20/05/2010
Rec 31E-2ValidBatteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators containing mercury, cadmium or lead 20/05/2010
Rec 31E-1ValidImplementing HELCOM’s objective for hazardous substances 20/05/2010
Rec 29-1ValidReduction of Emissions from Crematoria 05/03/2008
Rec 28E-8ValidEnvironmentally friendly practices for the reduction and prevention of emissions of dioxins and other hazardous substances from small-scale combustion 15/11/2007
Rec 28E-7ValidMeasures aimed at the substitution of polyphosphates (phosphorus) in detergents 15/11/2007
Rec 28E-6ValidOn-site wastewater treatment of single family homes, small businesses and settlements up to 300 Person Equivalents (P.E.) 15/11/2007
Rec 28E-5ValidMunicipal wastewater treatment 15/11/2007
Rec 27-1ValidLimitation of emissions into atmosphere and discharges into water from incineration of waste 08/03/2006
Rec 25-4ValidMeasures aimed at the reduction of discharges from Water and Marine Fish Farming 02/03/2004
Rec 25-3ValidReduction of Nutrients and other Pollutants leaching from forestry land 02/03/2004
Rec 25-2ValidReduction of Emissions and Discharges from Industry by effective use of BAT 02/03/2004
Rec 25-1ValidElimintaion of PCBs aND PCTs 02/03/2004
Rec 24-5SupersededProper handling of Waste/Landfilling 25/06/2003
Rec 24-4ValidReduction of Emissions and Discharges from the Iron Steel Industry 25/06/2003
Rec 24-3ValidMeasures aimed at the reduction of emissions and discharges from agriculture 25/06/2003
Rec 24-2SupersededBatteries containing Mercury, Cadmium or Lead 25/06/2003
Rec 23-9ValidRestriction of atmospheric emissions and waste water discharges from hard coal cokeries 06/03/2002
Rec 23-8ValidReduction of discharges from oil refineries 06/03/2002
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