Rec 34E-2ValidFurther testing and developing the concept of pro-active route planning as well as other e-navigation solutions to enhance safety of navigation and protection of the marine environment in the Baltic Sea Region03/10/2013
Rec 33-1ValidUnified interpretation in relation to access to and use of HELCOM AIS06/03/2012
Rec 31E-5ValidMutual plan for places of refuge in the Baltic Sea area20/05/2010
Rec 29-2ValidMarine litter within the Baltic Sea region 05/03/2008
Rec 28E-9ValidDevelopment of broad-scale marine spatial planning principles in the Baltic Sea area 15/11/2007
Rec 28E-13ValidIntroducing economic incentives as a complement to existing regulations to reduce emissions from ships 15/11/2007
Rec 28E-11ValidFurther measures to improve the safety of navigation in ice conditions in the Baltic Sea 15/11/2007
Rec 28E-10ValidApplication of the no-special fee system to ship-generated wastes and marine litter caught in fishing nets in the Baltic Sea area 15/11/2007
Rec 28-3ValidGuidelines on bunkering operations and ship to ship cargo transfer of oils, subject to Annex I of MARPOL 73/78, in the Baltic Sea Area07/03/2007
Rec 28-2ValidRecording of fuel oil bunkering operations in the Oil Record Book and documentation for the use of reception facilities07/03/2007
Rec 28-1SupersededApplication of the no-psecial-fee system to ship-generated wastes in the Baltic Sea Area 07/03/2007
Rec 26-1SupersededApplication of the no-special-fee system to ship-generatedwastes in the Baltic Sea area 02/03/2005
Rec 25-7ValidSafety of winter navigation in the Baltic Sea Area 02/03/2004
Rec 25-6ValidGuidelines for the recommended minimum throughput of oil filtering-water separating equipment on board ships 02/03/2004
Rec 25-5ValidAssessment of the need for escort towing in tanker transport routes to prevent accidents in the Baltic Sea area 02/03/2004
Rec 24-8ValidAmendments to Annex IV “Prevention of pollution from ships” to the Helsinki Convention, concerning discharge of sewage 25/06/2003
Rec 24-6SupersededGuidelines on bunkering operations and ship to ship cargo transfers of oils, subject to Annex 1 of MARPOL 73/78, in the Baltic Sea Area 25/03/2003
Rec 23-3ValidEnhancing the use of pilots in Route T and the Sound by notification to departing ships and establishment of an early warning system06/03/2002
Rec 23-1ValidNotification of Ship's wastes 06/03/2002
Rec 22E-5ValidAmendments to Annex IV "Prevention of pollution from ships" to the Helsinki Convention 10/09/2001
Rec 22-3ValidUnified interpretations to ensure a harmonized and effective implementation of the strategy for port reception facilities for ship-generated wastes and associated issues 21/03/2001
Rec 22-1ValidInstallation of toilet retention Systems and standard connections for Sewage on board existing fishing vessels, working vessels and pleasure craft 12/03/200122-3
Rec 21-2ValidAmendments to Annex IV "Prevention of Pollution from Ships" of the 1992 Helsinki Convention 20/03/200022-3
Rec 20-4ValidAntifouling paints containing organotin compounds 23/03/1999
Rec 19-9SupersededInstallation of the Garbage Retention Appliances and Toilet Retention Systems and Standard Connections for Sewage on Board Fishing Vessels, Working Vessels and Pleasure Craft 26/03/199822-1, 22-3
Rec 19-8SupersededApplication of the "No-Special-Fee" System in the Baltic Sea Area 26/03/199822-3, 26-1
Rec 19-7SupersededAmendments To Annex IV Of The Helsinki Convention 26/03/1998
Rec 19-14ValidA Harmonized System of Fines in Case a Ship Violates Anti-Pollution Regulations 26/03/1998
Rec 19-13ValidBasic Principles of Ashore Handling of Ship-Generated Wastes 26/03/1998
Rec 19-12ValidWaste Management Plans for Ports 26/03/199822-3
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