Rec 19-3-RValidManual for the HELCOM joint coordinated marine monitoring05/03/2018
Rec 29-2ValidMarine litter within the Baltic Sea region 05/03/2008
Rec 28E-14ValidDevelopment of harmonised principles for quantifying diffuse losses throughout the Baltic Sea catchment area 15/11/2007
Rec 26-3ValidMonitoring of radioactive substances 02/03/2005
Rec 26-2SupersededCompilation of waterborne pollution load (PLC Water) 02/03/2005
Rec 25-3ValidReduction of Nutrients and other Pollutants leaching from forestry land 02/03/2004
Rec 24-1SupersededMonitoring of airborne pollution load 25/06/2003
Rec 19-4SupersededWaterborne pollution load compilation 2000 26/03/199826-2
Rec 19-14ValidA Harmonized System of Fines in Case a Ship Violates Anti-Pollution Regulations 26/03/1998
Rec 18-1SupersededMonitoring of Radioactive Substances 11/03/199726-3
Rec 15-2SupersededPollution Load Compilation 09/03/199426-2
Rec 14-1SupersededMonitoring Of Airborne Pollution Load 03/02/1993
Rec 13-1SupersededDisposal of Dredged Spoils 06/02/1992
Rec 12-9ValidFollow-Up Studies in Connection with Major Oil Spills 20/02/1991
Rec 12-1SupersededProcedures for Granting Permits for Monitoring and Research Activities in the Territorial Wates and Exclusive Economic Zones, Fishing Zones or Continental Shelves 21/01/1991
Rec 11-4SupersededRestriction of discharges from the kraft pulp industry 15/02/1990
Rec 11-1SupersededMoitoring of airborne pollution load 14/02/1990
Rec 10-10SupersededMeasures In Order To Minimize Pollution From Offshore Installations 15/02/1989
Rec 10-2ValidAssessments of the Effects of Pollution on the Coastal Areas of the Baltic Sea 14/02/1989
Rec 10-1ValidAbnormal Situations in the Marine Environment 14/02/1989
Rec 9-8SupersededRecommendation Concerning Measures Aimed At Reduction Of Discharges From Industry 17/02/1988
Rec 9-7SupersededRecommendation Concerning the Guidelines for the Baltic Monitoring Programme 17/02/1988
Rec 7-1SupersededRecommendation Concerning Monitoring Of Airborne Pollution Load11/02/1986
Rec 6-7SupersededRecommendation Concerning The Treatment Of Municipal Sewage And Industrial Wastewater*) With Special Emphasis On The Reduction Of Discharges Of Nutrients13/03/1985
Rec 6-6SupersededRecommendation Concerning Limitation Of Discharges Of Cadmium From Land-Based Sources13/03/1985
Annex 6 Revised HELCOM Recommendation 15Valid