Rec 40-1ValidConservation and protection of marine and coastal biotopes, habitats and biotope complexes categorized as threatened according to the HELCOM Red Lists07/03/2019
Rec 24-10-RValidImplementation of integrated coastal management and maritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea area07/03/2019
Rec 19-3-RValidManual for the HELCOM joint coordinated marine monitoring05/03/2018
Rec 15-1-RValidProtection of the coastal strip05/03/2018
Rec 37-2ValidConservation of Baltic Sea species categorized as threatened according to the 2013 HELCOM red list10/03/2016
Rec 37-1ValidCo-operation and coordination of research vessel based monitoring in off-shore areas and procedures for granting permits for monitoring and research activities10/03/2016
Rec 35-1ValidSystem of coastal  and marine Baltic Sea protected areas (HELCOM MPAs) _NEW01/04/2014
Rec 34E-1ValidSafeguarding important bird habitats and migration routes in the Baltic Sea from negative effects of wind and wave energy production at sea03/10/2013
Rec 32-33-1ValidConservation of Baltic Salmon (Salmo salar) and Sea Trout (Salmo trutta) populations by the restoration of their river habitats and management of river fisheries 15/06/2011
Rec 29-2ValidMarine litter within the Baltic Sea region 05/03/2008
Rec 28E-9ValidDevelopment of broad-scale marine spatial planning principles in the Baltic Sea area 15/11/2007
Rec 27-28-2ValidConservation of seals in the Baltic Sea Area 08/07/2006
Rec 26-3ValidMonitoring of radioactive substances 02/03/2005
Rec 24-10SupersededImplementation of Integrated Marine and Coastal Management of Human activities in the Baltic Sea Area 25/06/2003
Rec 21-4SupersededProtection of heavily endangered or immediately threatened Marine and Coastal Biotopes in the Baltic Sea Area 20/03/2000
Rec 21-3ValidSustainable and Environmentally friendly tourism in the Coastal Zones of the Baltic Sea Area 20/03/2000
Rec 19-3SupersededRecommendation concerning the Manual for the Marine Monitoring in the Combine programme of HELCOM 26/03/1998
Rec 19-2ValidProtection and Improvement of the Wild Salmon (Salmo salar L.) poulations in the Baltic Sea Area 26/03/199832-33-1
Rec 19-1ValidMarine Sediment Extraction in the Baltic Sea Area 23/03/1998
Rec 17-3ValidInformation and Consultation with Regard to Construction of New Installations Affecting the Baltic Sea 12/03/1996
Rec 17-2ValidProtection of Harbour Porpoise in the Baltic Sea Area 12/03/1996
Rec 16-3ValidPreservation of Natural Coastal Dynamics 15/03/1995
Rec 15-1SupersededProtection of the Coastal Strip 08/03/1994
Rec 12-1SupersededProcedures for Granting Permits for Monitoring and Research Activities in the Territorial Wates and Exclusive Economic Zones, Fishing Zones or Continental Shelves 21/01/1991
Rec 10-2ValidAssessments of the Effects of Pollution on the Coastal Areas of the Baltic Sea 14/02/1989
Rec 10-1ValidAbnormal Situations in the Marine Environment 14/02/1989