Rec 36-3SupersededRESPONSEMarine pollution incident reporting and requests for assistance between Contracting Parties in the Baltic Sea area04/03/2015
Rec 34E-2SupersededMARITIMEFurther testing and developing the concept of pro-active route planning as well as other e-navigation solutions to enhance safety of navigation and protection of the marine environment in the Baltic Sea Region03/10/2013
Rec 33-1SupersededMARITIMEUnified interpretation in relation to access to and use of HELCOM AIS06/03/2012
Rec 28E-13SupersededMARITIMEIntroducing economic incentives as a complement to existing regulations to reduce emissions from ships 15/11/200728E-13-R
Rec 28-1SupersededMARITIMEApplication of the no-psecial-fee system to ship-generated wastes in the Baltic Sea Area 07/03/200728E-10
Rec 26-2SupersededMONASCompilation of waterborne pollution load (PLC Water) 02/03/200537-38-1
Rec 26-1SupersededMARITIMEApplication of the no-special-fee system to ship-generatedwastes in the Baltic Sea area 02/03/200528-1
Rec 24-5SupersededLANDProper handling of Waste/Landfilling 25/06/200331E-4 from 1.1.2011
Rec 24-2SupersededLANDBatteries containing Mercury, Cadmium or Lead 25/06/200331E-2
Rec 24-10SupersededHABITAT, STATE-CONSERVATIONImplementation of Integrated Marine and Coastal Management of Human activities in the Baltic Sea Area 25/06/2003
Rec 24-1SupersededMONASMonitoring of airborne pollution load 25/06/200337-38-2
Rec 24-6SupersededMARITIMEGuidelines on bunkering operations and ship to ship cargo transfers of oils, subject to Annex 1 of MARPOL 73/78, in the Baltic Sea Area 25/03/200328-3
Rec 22-4SupersededLANDProper Handling Of Solid Waste/Landfilling 21/03/200124-5
Rec 21-4SupersededHABITAT, STATE-CONSERVATIONProtection of heavily endangered or immediately threatened Marine and Coastal Biotopes in the Baltic Sea Area 20/03/200040-1
Rec 20E-6SupersededLANDRequirements For Discharging Of Waste Water From The Chemical Industry 07/09/199923-11
Rec 20-3SupersededLANDReduction Of Nutrients And Other Pollutants Leaching From Forestry Land 23/03/199925-3
Rec 20-1SupersededMeasures Aimed At The Reduction Of Discharges From Fresh Water Fish Farming 23/03/199925-4
Rec 19-9SupersededMARITIMEInstallation of the Garbage Retention Appliances and Toilet Retention Systems and Standard Connections for Sewage on Board Fishing Vessels, Working Vessels and Pleasure Craft 26/03/199822-1, 22-3
Rec 19-8SupersededMARITIMEApplication of the "No-Special-Fee" System in the Baltic Sea Area 26/03/199822-3, 26-126-1
Rec 19-7SupersededMARITIMEAmendments To Annex IV Of The Helsinki Convention 26/03/199821-2
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