Rec 28E-13-RMARITIMEIntroducing economic incentives as a complement to existing regulations to reduce pollution from ships 19/06/2019
Rec 40-1STATE-CONSERVATIONConservation and protection of marine and coastal biotopes, habitats and biotope complexes categorized as threatened according to the HELCOM Red Lists07/03/2019
Rec 33-1-RMARITIMEUnified interpretation in relation to access to and use of HELCOM AIS data07/03/2019
Rec 24-10-RSTATE-CONSERVATIONImplementation of integrated coastal management and maritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea area07/03/2019
Rec 36-3-RRESPONSEMarine pollution incident reporting and requests for assistance between Contracting Parties in the Baltic Sea area05/03/2018
Rec 34E-2-RMARITIMEFurther testing and development of the concept of exchange of voyage plans as well as other e-navigation solutions to enhance safety of navigation and protection of the marine environment in the Baltic Sea Region05/03/2018
Rec 19-3-RMONAS, STATE-CONSERVATIONManual for the HELCOM joint coordinated marine monitoring05/03/2018
Rec 19-10-RMARITIMEApplication by the Baltic Sea States of guidelines for holding tanks/oily water separating or filtering equipment for ships of less than 400 tons gross tonnage05/03/2018
Rec 15-1-RHABITAT, STATE-CONSERVATIONProtection of the coastal strip05/03/2018
Rec 10-11-RMARITIMEInternational co-operation on liability for damage resulting from vessel-based pollution05/03/2018
Rec 38-1PRESSURESewage sludge handling01/03/2017
Rec 37-38-2PRESSUREMonitoring of airborne pollution input16/06/2016
Rec 37-38-1PRESSUREWaterborne pollution input assessment (PLC-WATER)16/06/2016
Rec 37-3FISHSustainable aquaculture in the Baltic Sea region11/03/2016
Rec 37-2STATE-CONSERVATIONConservation of Baltic Sea species categorized as threatened according to the 2013 HELCOM red list10/03/2016
Rec 37-1STATE-CONSERVATIONCo-operation and coordination of research vessel based monitoring in off-shore areas and procedures for granting permits for monitoring and research activities10/03/2016
Rec 36-2PRESSUREManagement of Dredged Material04/03/2015
Rec 36-1PRESSURERegional Action Plan on Marine Litter (RAP ML)04/03/2015
Rec 35-1STATE-CONSERVATIONSystem of coastal  and marine Baltic Sea protected areas (HELCOM MPAs) _NEW01/04/201435-1
Rec 34E-4RESPONSEAirborne surveillance with remote sensing equipment in the Baltic Sea Area03/10/2013
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