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Action area
BALSAMGo to siteBaltic Sea Pilot Project: Testing new concepts for integrated environmental monitoring of the Baltic SeaMonitoring and assessmentFinished2013-2015
HELCOM Aliens 2Go to siteStudy on Biological Survey Protocols and Target Species SelectionSpecies and habitatsFinished2011-2012
HELCOM Aliens 3Go to siteHarmonized Ballast Water Management Exemptions in the Baltic SeaSpecies and habitatsFinished2013-2014
BALTFIMPAGo to siteManaging Fisheries in the Baltic Sea Protected Areas: Inception PhaseFisheriesFinished2012-2013
BALTHAZARGo to siteBaltic Hazardous and Agricultural Releases ReductionAgricultureFinished2009-2012
Baltic COMPASSGo to siteComprehensive Policy Actions and Sustainable Solutions for Agriculture in the Baltic Sea RegionAgricultureFinished2009-2013
Baltic Impulse ClusterGo to siteBaltic Sea Region Programme Water ClusterAgriculture; Monitoring and assessment; Marine litter and noiseFinished2007-2013
Baltic 2 BlackGo to siteEnvironmental Monitoring of the Black Sea with Focus on Nutrient PollutionMonitoring and assessmentFinished2011-2013
BASEGo to siteImplementation of the Baltic Sea Action Plan in RussiaMonitoring and assessment; Marine litter and noise; Species and habitatsFinished2012-2014
BRISKGo to siteSub-Regional Risk of Spill of Oil and Hazardous Substances in the Baltic SeaResponse to spillsFinished2009-2012
COHIBAGo to siteControl of Hazardous Substances in the Baltic Sea RegionMonitoring and assessment; Marine litter and noiseFinished2009-2012
CoopPGo to siteCooperation ProjectMonitoring and assessment; Response to spillsFinished2014
CORESET IGo to siteDevelopment of HELCOM Core Set IndicatorsSpecies and habitats; Monitoring and assessmentFinished2010-2013
HORIZONGo to siteHORIZON Maritime Spatial PlanningMaritime spatial planningFinished
MOREGo to siteOverview of the Marine Environmental Monitoring in the Baltic SeaMonitoring and assessmentFinished2012-2014
Plan BothniaGo to siteA Transboundary Maritime Spatial Planning Pilot in the Bothnian SeaMaritime spatial planningFinished2010-2012
PLC-5.5Go to siteFifth Baltic Sea Pollution Load CompilationMonitoring and assessmentFinished2013
PROTECTGo to siteOverview of the Status of the Network of Baltic Sea Marine Protected AreasMarine protected areasFinished2013-2015
RED LISTGo to siteThe Red List of Baltic Sea Species in danger of becoming extinct and the Red List of Baltic Sea underwater biotopes, habitats and biotope complexesSpecies and habitatsFinished2013
SALARGo to siteThe State of Salmon and Sea Trout populations in Rivers Flowing to the Baltic SeaFisheriesFinished2011
STURGEON Rehabilitation PGGo to siteJoint Baltic Sea sturgeon rehabilitation developmentFisheriesFinished2013-2014
BALTIC SCOPEGo to siteBaltic Sea joint cross-border maritime spatial planningMaritime spatial planning; FisheriesFinished2015-2016
HELCOM CORESET IIGo to siteOperationalization of HELCOM core indicatorsSpecies and habitats; Monitoring and assessmentFinished2013-2015
EUTRO-OPERGo to siteMaking HELCOM eutrophication assessments operationalMonitoring and assessmentFinished2014-2015, 2016 (EXTENDED)
HOLAS IIGo to siteSecond Holistic Assessment of the Ecosystem Health of the Baltic SeaMonitoring and assessmentFinished2015-2018
PEGGo to siteHELCOM Phytoplankton Expert GroupMonitoring and assessmentOngoing2014-2016; 2017-2019 (EXTENDED)
PLC-6Go to siteSixth Baltic Sea Pollution Load CompilationMonitoring and assessmentOngoing2012-2018
PLUSGo to siteHELCOM Pollution Load User SystemMonitoring and assessmentFinished2013-2015
ZEN QAI IIGo to siteQuality Assurance and Integration of Zooplankton Monitoring in the Baltic SeaMonitoring and assessmentFinished2011-2013
ECONETGo to siteAssessment and Guidance for Achieving an Ecologically Coherent Network of HELCOM MPAs in the Baltic Sea (ECONET)Marine protected areasFinished2015-2017
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