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HELCOM-highlights-cooperation-with-BONUS-ahead-of-2017-call.aspxHELCOM highlights cooperation with BONUS ahead of 2017 callMany of the topics under the recently opened BONUS call ‘Synthesis’ relate directly to ongoing HELCOM work. Future BONUS projects can both benefit from and contribute to existing knowledge.11/10/2017Monitoring and assessment; Land based pollution; Species and habitats; Marine protected areas; Agriculture; Fisheries; Industrial releases; Marine litter and noise; Maritime spatial planning; Response to spills; ShippingNot Applicable
Dates-set-for-2018-edition-of-Baltic-Sea-Day.aspxDates set for 2018 edition of Baltic Sea DayThe XIX “Baltic Sea Day” International Environmental Forum will be organized in St. Petersburg on 22–23 March, 2018. The outcome of the HELCOM Ministerial Meeting, taking place a few weeks earlier, will form a cornerstone of discussions at the Forum.11/10/2017Not applicableNot Applicable
Pharmaceuticals-in-Baltic-waters--new-status-report-by-UNESCO-and-HELCOM.aspxPharmaceuticals in Baltic waters – new status report by UNESCO and HELCOMThe report summarizes the occurrence, concentrations and pathways of pharmaceuticals into the environment in the Baltic Sea region.15/09/2017PharmaceuticalsPRESSURE
The-Baltic-Sea-is-well-prepared-for-the-entry-into-force-of-the-Ballast-Water-Management-Convention.aspxThe Baltic Sea is well prepared for the entry into force of the Ballast Water Management ConventionIMO Ballast Water Management Convention for ships enters into force 8 September 201708/09/2017ShippingMARITIME
HELCOM,-CBSS-and-stakeholders-join-forces-to-catalyse-sustainable-shipping-in-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxHELCOM, CBSS and stakeholders join forces to catalyse sustainable shipping in the Baltic SeaThe first meeting of the HELCOM GREEN TEAM strives to advance sustainable shipping technology and new fuels in the region by considering effective incentives.05/09/2017ShippingMARITIME
HELCOM-and-OSPAR-release-new-online-ballast-water-risk-assessment-tool.aspxHELCOM and OSPAR release new online ballast water risk assessment toolA new online risk assessment tool for non-indigenous species transfers via the ballast water of commercial ships has been released jointly by HELCOM and OSPAR.15/08/2017ShippingMARITIME
International-rescue-and-oil-disaster-drill-in-the-Baltic-Sea-completed-successfully.aspxInternational rescue and oil disaster drill in the Baltic Sea completed successfullyThe annual Baltic Sea exercise on pollution response BALEX DELTA 2017 was held off Kaliningrad in the Russian Federation last week.14/08/2017Response to spills
HELCOM's-condolences-for-Leonid-Korovin's-passing.aspxHELCOM's condolences for Leonid Korovin's passingWe would like to express our heartfelt condolences on the passing away of Leonid Korovin, the Russian Federation representative in HELCOM.20/07/2017Land based pollutionLAND
First-version-of-the-HELCOM-‘State-of-the-Baltic-Sea’-report-is-now-available.aspxFirst version of the HELCOM ‘State of the Baltic Sea’ report is now available The comprehensive HELCOM overview of the state of the Baltic Sea follows up on the status of the Baltic Sea environment, saying that management is improving but that the environmental objectives of the Baltic Sea Action Plan will not be reached in time.11/07/2017Monitoring and assessment; Marine protected areas; Marine litter and noise; Marine litter; Land based pollution; Industrial releases; Fisheries; Agriculture; Pharmaceuticals; Response to spills; Shipping; Species and habitats; Underwater noise; HOLAS IISTATE; GEAR
HELCOM-Map-and-Data-services-fully-renewed.aspxHELCOM Map and Data Services fully renewedThe HELCOM Map and Data service, which has been serving as one of the largest hubs of spatial data for the Baltic Sea marine environment since 2010, has been completely redesigned and rebuilt.29/06/2017Not applicable
Upcoming-State-of-the-Baltic-Sea-report-to-be-in-focus-in-the-2018-HELCOM-Ministerial-Meeting.aspxUpcoming State of the Baltic Sea report to be in focus in the 2018 HELCOM Ministerial MeetingThe First version of the HELCOM State of the Baltic Sea report - June 2017 was approved by the 52nd Meeting of the HELCOM Heads of Delegation held on 20-21 June 2017 in Brussels. 26/06/2017HOLAS II; Monitoring and assessment; ShippingNot Applicable
Regional-organizations-join-forces-to-develop-state-of-the-art-methods-for-spill-risk-assessments.aspxRegional organizations join forces to develop state of the art methods for spill risk assessmentsHELCOM-led OpenRisk project presents first results and gathers views on risk assessment methods for spill prevention, preparedness and response purposes at first workshop in Helsinki 13-14 June.20/06/2017Response to spillsRESPONSE
HELCOM-statement-to-support-reaching-ocean-related-UN-Sustainable-Development-Goals.aspxHELCOM statement to support reaching ocean-related UN Sustainable Development GoalsStatement by Monika Stankiewicz, HELCOM Executive Secretary at the high-level United Nations Conference to Support the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 1412/06/2017Not applicable
HELCOM-statement-at-the-Ocean-Conference-highlights-regional-and-cross-sectoral-cooperation.aspxHELCOM statement at the Ocean Conference highlights regional and cross-sectoral cooperationThe Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, or HELCOM in short, is one of the 18 Regional Seas Programmes in the world. It is based on a convention, has existed for over four decades, and involves nine countries 06/06/2017Shipping
HELCOM-voluntary-commitments-to-enhance-the-implementation-of-UN-Sustainable-Development-Goal-14.aspxHELCOM voluntary commitments to enhance the implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goal 14HELCOM contributes with voluntary commitments to The United Nations Conference "Our oceans, our future: partnering for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14", to be held on 5-9 June 2017 in New York (2017 SDG 14 Conference).05/06/2017Not applicable
Clean-Baltic-Sea-shipping-in-sight.aspxClean Baltic Sea shipping in sightHELCOM Maritime receives Baltic Sea Fund Prize 2017 and contributes to award debate on the future of alternative fuels in shipping.12/05/2017Marine litter; Marine protected areasMARITIME
Mapping-the-use-of-regional-HELCOM-AIS-data-on-ships.aspxMapping the use of regional HELCOM AIS data on shipsThe current and future uses of the regional HELCOM AIS data were discussed in a dedicated open seminar this week at the HELCOM Secretariat. 11/05/2017Maritime spatial planning; FisheriesMARITIME; FISH/ENV
Reduction-of-nutrient-input-discussed-in-HELCOM-meeting-in-St--Petersburg.aspxReduction of nutrient input discussed in HELCOM meeting in St. PetersburgThe Sixth Meeting of HELCOM Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment Area (PRESSURE 6-2017) took place in St. Petersburg, Russia 25-27 April. 28/04/2017AgriculturePRESSURE
HELCOM-Pressure-Group-meeting-focuses-on-reducing-the-input-of-nutrients-into-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxHELCOM Pressure Group meeting focuses on reducing the input of nutrients into the Baltic SeaEutrophication is a major threat to the Baltic Sea. 24/04/2017Monitoring and assessmentPRESSURE
HELCOM-Maritime-Working-Group-awarded-the-Baltic-Sea-Fund-prize-2017.aspxHELCOM Maritime Working Group awarded the Baltic Sea Fund prize 2017The HELCOM Maritime Working Group has been awarded the Baltic Sea Fund Prize 2017 for its work to reduce pollution from maritime traffic in the Baltic Sea.11/04/2017Marine litter; Marine protected areas
Finding-new-ways-to-enhance-nutrient-recycling-in-the-Baltic-Sea-regions.aspxFinding new ways to enhance nutrient recycling in the Baltic Sea regionsHELCOM Agri group initiated development of a regional strategy on nutrient recycling.06/04/2017AgricultureAgri group
How-is-the-Baltic-Sea-Region-Doing-in-Implementing-the-Sustainable-Development-Goals0406-2202.aspxHow is the Baltic Sea Region Doing in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals?The newly released report Measuring progress for the same targets in the Baltic Sea shows that HELCOM work already contributes to reaching the ocean-related UN Sustainable Development Goals.06/04/2017Agriculture; Fisheries; Maritime spatial planning; Response to spills
HELCOM-to-develop-regional-economic-and-social-analyses-on-the-marine-environment-.aspxHELCOM to develop regional economic and social analyses on the marine environment HELCOM members are promoting further regional development of economic and social analyses (ESA) to show the linkages between society and the marine environment, with focus on how the Baltic Sea contributes to human well-being and national economies.28/03/2017HOLAS II; Monitoring and assessmentGEAR
UN-targets-and-regional-cooperation-discussed-in-the-Baltic-Sea-Day-in-Russia.aspxUN targets and regional cooperation discussed in the Baltic Sea Day in RussiaRegional cooperation in the Baltic Sea towards reaching the UN sustainable development goals was the key theme in the annual international environmental forum, the Baltic Sea Day, held 22-23 March 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russia. 24/03/2017Industrial releases; Marine litter; AgricultureNot Applicable
HELCOM-overview-tracks-progress-of-oiled-wildlife-response-in-the-Baltic-Sea-countries.aspxHELCOM overview tracks progress of oiled wildlife response in the Baltic Sea countriesAccording to a new HELCOM report released today, five Baltic Sea countries have established plans for handling polluted wildlife during marine pollution incidents, mostly created via active partnerships between authorities and NGOs. 16/03/2017Response to spillsRESPONSE
New-HELCOM-recommendation-to-promote-sustainable-sewage-sludge-handling-.aspxNew HELCOM recommendation to promote sustainable sewage sludge handling Recycling phosphorus and reducing unwanted substances in sewage sludge among the main aims of the recommendation13/03/2017Not applicablePRESSURE
Governments-to-step-up-the-regional-efforts-to-implement-ocean-related-UN-Sustainable-Development-Goals-in-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxGovernments to step up the regional efforts to implement ocean-related UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Baltic SeaThe high-level representatives of the Baltic Sea countries and EU discussed a common approach to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Baltic Sea region, in a HELCOM meeting held on 28 February 2017.28/02/2017Agriculture; Marine litter; Maritime spatial planning; HOLAS II
HELCOM-works-to-reach-ocean-related-UN-Sustainable-Development-Goals-in-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxHELCOM works to reach ocean-related UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Baltic SeaHELCOM high-level session on 28 February 2017 to agree on a plan to implement ocean-related UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Baltic Sea region. 24/02/2017Marine litter and noise; Marine protected areas; Monitoring and assessment; Shipping; Underwater noise; Agriculture; Fisheries; Marine litter; Maritime spatial planning
Baltic-environment-in-focus-of-international-forum-held-in-Russia.aspxBaltic environment in focus of international forum held in RussiaThe annual International Environmental Forum “Baltic Sea Day” will be held for the 18th time on 22-23 of March 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russia.24/01/2017Marine litter; Industrial releases; Agriculture; Shipping; Monitoring and assessment; HOLAS IINot Applicable
Countries-keep-active-in-mitigating-Baltic-pollution-hot-spots-.aspxCountries keep active in mitigating Baltic pollution hot spots Another significant site of contamination – a HELCOM Hot Spot – has been removed from the Baltic Sea polluters’ list in delegate meeting last week.19/12/2016Industrial releases; HOLAS IIPRESSURE
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