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rudiger-strempel-on-climate-change.aspxTowards a climate-resilient Baltic SeaDoes the fact that Finland maintains a fleet of heavy-duty ships to break the sea ice in her waters mean that climate change has not reached the Baltic Sea? Unfortunately not. 08/10/2019Monitoring and assessment; Species and habitats
jannica-haldin-on-climate-change.aspxHELCOM expert interview: Jannica Haldin on climate change and the SROCC reportOverall, HELCOM aims at strengthening the sea's resilience and own coping mechanisms, by improving the capacity of the Baltic Sea's ecosystem to recover from stress and disturbance resulting from climate change impacts.08/10/2019Monitoring and assessment; Species and habitatsSTATE
HELCOM-expert-interview-Markus-Meier-on-climate-change.aspxHELCOM expert interview: Markus Meier on climate changeClimate change and the Baltic Sea: what are the facts and trends, what do we know?02/10/2019Species and habitats; Monitoring and assessment
MARITIME-19-2019-meets-in-Lisbon.aspxBSAP update is a top priority for the HELCOM group on maritime mattersWith an entire day dedicated to its discussion, the update of the Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) was the driving theme of the 19th Meeting of the HELCOM Maritime Working Group (MARITIME 19-2019) that was held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 23 to 26 September.02/10/2019ShippingMARITIME
how-to-make-the-most-of-manure.aspxHow to make the most of manureIn a bid to curb nutrient losses from agriculture, the root cause of eutrophication and algal blooms in the Baltic Sea, a handbook on smarter use of manure has been published this September by the Manure Standards project.20/09/2019Land based pollution
MPA-management-workshop-in-vaasa.aspxManagers of marine protected areas connect in Vaasa for better transboundary collaborationTo improve cooperation and transboundary management between marine protected areas in the Baltic Sea, HELCOM organised its Second Marine Protected Areas Management Workshop in Vaasa, Finland from 9 to 12 September 2019.20/09/2019Marine protected areas
HELCOM-sails-through-shipping-heavy-week.aspxHELCOM sails through shipping-heavy weekEarly September was shipping-intensive, with HELCOM participating in three events on maritime activities in Sweden.10/09/2019Shipping
aerial-surveillance-report-2018.aspxHELCOM publishes its report on aerial surveillance of discharges at sea in 2018HELCOM recently published its report on aerial surveillance of discharges at sea in 2018, confirming the trend of reduction of spills in the Baltic Sea, especially mineral oils.10/09/2019Shipping; Response to spills
joint-HELCOM-OSPAR-bycatch-workshop.aspxBye-bye bycatch: HELCOM and OSPAR are pooling efforts to deal with incidental catch of speciesTo better understand incidental bycatch of marine mammals and seabirds due to fishing, HELCOM and its sister organization from the North Sea, OSPAR, held a joint workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark from 3 to 5 September 2019.09/09/2019Species and habitats; Fisheries
red-sea-goes-baltic.aspxThe Red Sea goes BalticWhat can the Red Sea learn from its sister sea, the Baltic, and vice-versa? A high-level delegation from the Red Sea countries came to HELCOM on 28 August 2019 to exchange views on regional cooperation relating to marine environmental matters.02/09/2019Not applicableNot Applicable
noise-sensitivity-report.aspxHELCOM publishes report on noise sensitivity of animals in the Baltic SeaThe recently published HELCOM report "Noise sensitivity of animals in the Baltic Sea" shows how marine mammals, fish and diving birds may react to underwater sound in the Baltic Sea.19/08/2019Underwater noise; Marine litter and noise; Species and habitatsPRESSURE; STATE
HELCOM-gets-a-new-Executive-Secretary.aspxHELCOM gets a new Executive Secretary An international lawyer by training, Rüdiger Strempel looks back on many years of experience of environmental law, policy, and diplomacy at the national and international levels, with a particular focus on international marine conservation. 08/08/2019Not applicable
welcome-remarks-by-Rudiger-Strempel.aspxWelcome remarks by Rüdiger Strempel, HELCOM's new Executive SecretaryOn 1 August 2019 I assumed the position of Executive Secretary of HELCOM. I am very pleased to join such a well-established and mature organization that is based on solid foundations.08/08/2019Not applicable
-change-of-executive-secretary-in-2019.aspxHELCOM's Executive Secretary will change in August 2019The current Executive Secretary of HELCOM, Ms Monika Stankiewicz, will step down from her position and hand over to her successor, Mr Rüdiger Strempel, on 1 August 2019. Strempel was appointed during the HELCOM Annual Meeting held in March 2019. 19/06/2019Not applicable
HOD-56-2019.aspxHELCOM Hot Spots: two Kaliningrad pollution sites get wiped off the list at key HELCOM meeting​Two former pollution sites located in the Kaliningrad region in Russia were approved for removal from the HELCOM Hot Spot list by the HELCOM Heads of Delegation, one of the decision-making instances, during their last meeting held in Helsinki.19/06/2019Industrial releases; Land based pollution
BASEMAPS-makes-maritime-spatial-planning-easier.aspxMaritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea region just became easier with the web-based tool BASEMAPSBASEMAPS is a web-based tool to access Baltic MSP decentralized data through open standards services.13/06/2019Maritime spatial planningMSP WG
expert-interview-andris-andrusaitis-and-karoliina-koho.aspxHELCOM expert interview: Andris Andrusaitis and Karoliina Koho on BONUS, BANOS and research fundingAndris Andrusaitis: Policy-science interaction is a paramount, as research and projects that we are funding need to have some sort of effect. At BONUS, we are tuning all our calls towards practical impacts and evidence-based policy.10/06/2019Not applicable
halfway-for-RETROUT.aspxHalfway there: RETROUT project for promoting sustainable fishing and viable fish stocks convenes for its mid-term meetingThe RETROUT project had its mid-term meeting in Gdańsk, Poland from 8 to 9 May 2019, looking at achievements so far and the next steps to be taken. 14/05/2019Species and habitats; Fisheries
G7-workshop-on-marine-litter-in-metz.aspxOn marine litter, a G7 workshop in France highlights the central role of Regional Seas Conventions The central role of Regional Seas Conventions such as HELCOM in the fight against the global pressure of marine litter was underscored at a key G7 workshop on marine litter that took place in Metz, France from 5 to 6 May 2019. 09/05/2019Marine litter and noise
HELCOM-expert-interview-jannica-haldin-on-biodiversity.aspxHELCOM expert interview: Jannica Haldin on biodiversityBiodiversity refers to the variety and variability of all life on Earth, and, contrary to common perception, it is a measure of variation at both the genetic, species, community and ecosystem level. Thus, it doesn't only deal with species.03/05/2019Species and habitats
PRESSURE-10-2019.aspxAt PRESSURE 10-2019, the HELCOM group dealing with pressures on the Baltic Sea ploughs through nutrients, stormwater and microlitterNutrients, stormwater and microlitter were headlining the Tenth Meeting of HELCOM Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment Area (PRESSURE 10-2019) that was held in Tallinn from 9 to 12 April 2019.17/04/2019Land based pollution; Industrial releases; Marine litter; Underwater noisePRESSURE
BALEX-DELTA-2018-Main-Exercise-Evaluation-report.aspx​BALEX DELTA 2018 final report looks into one of the world's largest exercises on response to oil and chemical spills at seaWith the Main Exercise Evaluation report on the BALEX DELTA 2018 exercise now publicly available, insight is given into one of the world's largest response exercises at sea dealing with oil and chemical spills.12/04/2019Response to spills; Shipping
Interreg-conference-in-Luebeck-lets-talk-about-achievements.aspxAt Interreg conference, HELCOM talks policy making, nutrient recycling and clean shippingHELCOM shared its views on environmental policy making, nutrient recycling and clean shipping at the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference that was held in Lübeck from 9 to 10 April 2019.10/04/2019Shipping; Land based pollution; Agriculture
HELCOM-VASAB-meets-in-Hamburg.aspxEcosystem approach in maritime spatial planning is the central focus at joint HELCOM-VASAB meetingTo boost coherence in maritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea region, the 18th Meeting of the joint HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working Group (HELCOM-VASAB MSP WG 18-2019) was convened in Hamburg, Germany from on 27 to 28 March 2019.04/04/2019Maritime spatial planning
helcom-expert-interview-marta-ruiz-on-marine-litter.aspxHELCOM expert interview: Marta Ruiz on marine litter"Marine litter is an unsolicited input from our industrialised society and consumerism to our aquatic ecosystems."02/04/2019Marine litter
helcom-launches-alternative-fuels-report.aspxHELCOM publishes report on alternative fuels for shipping in the Baltic Sea regionHELCOM in April 2019 published its "Alternative fuels for shipping in the Baltic Sea region" report, as part of the EnviSuM project that looks into clean shipping solutions from both a technical and socio-economic viewpoint.02/04/2019Shipping
Baltic-Sea-Day-2019-in-St-Petersburg.aspx​At Baltic Sea Day 2019 in Russia, the focus is on nutrient reduction in support of HELCOM workLooking back on 20 years of its existence as a platform addressing the environmental challenges of the Baltic Sea, the XX Anniversary International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day" (BSD 2019) was held in St. Petersburg, Russia from 21 to 22 March 201926/03/2019Not applicable
IWGAS-2019-in-Tallinn.aspxAerial surveillance of spills and discharges at sea in the Baltic gets scrutinized at HELCOM meeting in TallinnImproving surveillance of spills and discharges at sea was a main subject at the Annual Meeting of the HELCOM Informal Working Group on Aerial Surveillance (IWGAS 2019) that was held in Tallinn, Estonia from 20 to 21 March 2019.26/03/2019Shipping; Response to spillsMARITIME; RESPONSE
HELCOM-at-UNEA-4.aspxAt UNEA-4, HELCOM furthers the debate on marine litterHELCOM participated in the Fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) that took place in Nairobi, Kenya from 11 to 15 March 2019, where it particularly contributed in advancing the debate on marine litter, microplastics and ocean-literacy.15/03/2019Marine litter
HELCOM-40-2019.aspxHELCOM addresses future orientations and adopts key recommendations on environmental protection during its annual meetingAt the 40th Meeting of the Helsinki Commission that was held in Helsinki (HELCOM 40-2019), Finland, from 6 to 7 March 2019, the HELCOM members addressed key orientations for the future, and also adopted several recommendations aimed at strengthening...07/03/2019Not applicable
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