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HELCOM-Pressure-Group-meeting-focuses-on-reducing-the-input-of-nutrients-into-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxHELCOM Pressure Group meeting focuses on reducing the input of nutrients into the Baltic SeaEutrophication is a major threat to the Baltic Sea. 24/04/2017Monitoring and assessmentPRESSURE
HELCOM-Maritime-Working-Group-awarded-the-Baltic-Sea-Fund-prize-2017.aspxHELCOM Maritime Working Group awarded the Baltic Sea Fund prize 2017The HELCOM Maritime Working Group has been awarded the Baltic Sea Fund Prize 2017 for its work to reduce pollution from maritime traffic in the Baltic Sea.11/04/2017Marine litter; Marine protected areas
Finding-new-ways-to-enhance-nutrient-recycling-in-the-Baltic-Sea-regions.aspxFinding new ways to enhance nutrient recycling in the Baltic Sea regionsHELCOM Agri group initiated development of a regional strategy on nutrient recycling.06/04/2017AgricultureAgri group
How-is-the-Baltic-Sea-Region-Doing-in-Implementing-the-Sustainable-Development-Goals0406-2202.aspxHow is the Baltic Sea Region Doing in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals?The newly released report Measuring progress for the same targets in the Baltic Sea shows that HELCOM work already contributes to reaching the ocean-related UN Sustainable Development Goals.06/04/2017Agriculture; Fisheries; Maritime spatial planning; Response to spills
HELCOM-to-develop-regional-economic-and-social-analyses-on-the-marine-environment-.aspxHELCOM to develop regional economic and social analyses on the marine environment HELCOM members are promoting further regional development of economic and social analyses (ESA) to show the linkages between society and the marine environment, with focus on how the Baltic Sea contributes to human well-being and national economies.28/03/2017HOLAS II; Monitoring and assessmentGEAR
UN-targets-and-regional-cooperation-discussed-in-the-Baltic-Sea-Day-in-Russia.aspxUN targets and regional cooperation discussed in the Baltic Sea Day in RussiaRegional cooperation in the Baltic Sea towards reaching the UN sustainable development goals was the key theme in the annual international environmental forum, the Baltic Sea Day, held 22-23 March 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russia. 24/03/2017Industrial releases; Marine litter; AgricultureNot Applicable
HELCOM-overview-tracks-progress-of-oiled-wildlife-response-in-the-Baltic-Sea-countries.aspxHELCOM overview tracks progress of oiled wildlife response in the Baltic Sea countriesAccording to a new HELCOM report released today, five Baltic Sea countries have established plans for handling polluted wildlife during marine pollution incidents, mostly created via active partnerships between authorities and NGOs. 16/03/2017Response to spillsRESPONSE
New-HELCOM-recommendation-to-promote-sustainable-sewage-sludge-handling-.aspxNew HELCOM recommendation to promote sustainable sewage sludge handling • Recycling phosphorus and reducing unwanted substances in sewage sludge among the main aims of the recommendation13/03/2017Not applicablePRESSURE
Governments-to-step-up-the-regional-efforts-to-implement-ocean-related-UN-Sustainable-Development-Goals-in-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxGovernments to step up the regional efforts to implement ocean-related UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Baltic SeaThe high-level representatives of the Baltic Sea countries and EU discussed a common approach to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Baltic Sea region, in a HELCOM meeting held on 28 February 2017.28/02/2017Agriculture; Marine litter; Maritime spatial planning; HOLAS II
HELCOM-works-to-reach-ocean-related-UN-Sustainable-Development-Goals-in-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxHELCOM works to reach ocean-related UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Baltic SeaHELCOM high-level session on 28 February 2017 to agree on a plan to implement ocean-related UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Baltic Sea region. 24/02/2017Marine litter and noise; Marine protected areas; Monitoring and assessment; Shipping; Underwater noise; Agriculture; Fisheries; Marine litter; Maritime spatial planning
Baltic-environment-in-focus-of-international-forum-held-in-Russia.aspxBaltic environment in focus of international forum held in RussiaThe annual International Environmental Forum “Baltic Sea Day” will be held for the 18th time on 22-23 of March 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russia.24/01/2017Marine litter; Industrial releases; Agriculture; Shipping; Monitoring and assessment; HOLAS IINot Applicable
Countries-keep-active-in-mitigating-Baltic-pollution-hot-spots-.aspxCountries keep active in mitigating Baltic pollution hot spots Another significant site of contamination – a HELCOM Hot Spot – has been removed from the Baltic Sea polluters’ list in delegate meeting last week.19/12/2016Industrial releases; HOLAS IIPRESSURE
HELCOM-delegates-discuss-the-key-Baltic-Sea-goals-of-2017.aspxHELCOM delegates discuss the key Baltic Sea goals of 2017Greenlighting key tools and indicators for State of the Baltic Sea report a major issue in HELCOM Heads of Delegation meeting this week. 14/12/2016Monitoring and assessment; Shipping; Response to spills; Species and habitats; Underwater noise; Marine protected areas; Marine litter and noise; Agriculture; Industrial releases; Fisheries; HOLAS IISTATE; GEAR
Leaflet-now-out-on-cleaner-ships’-exhaust-gases-in-the-Baltic.aspxLeaflet out on cleaner ships’ exhaust gases in the BalticHELCOM has released a new leaflet about the Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) regulations for ships also touching upon the earlier schemes for limiting harmful airborne emissions such as Sulphur Oxide (SOx). 21/11/2016ShippingMARITIME
New-HELCOM-project-on-evaluating-risks-for-oil-spills-will-start-2017.aspxNew HELCOM project on evaluating risks for oil spills will start 2017HELCOM Response group also endorsed the revised procedures for on shore spill response and welcomed that Russia will host the 2017 operational spill response exercise in Kaliningrad.11/11/2016Response to spillsRESPONSE
More-transparency-and-political-leadership-called-for-in-HELCOM-seminar.aspxMore transparency and political leadership called for in HELCOM seminarMajor sectors in the Baltic Sea spoke out about HELCOM pollution reduction targets in this week’s seminar in the EUSBSR Strategy Forum in Stockholm. 10/11/2016Underwater noise; Species and habitats; Shipping; Response to spills; Pharmaceuticals; Monitoring and assessment; Maritime spatial planning; Marine protected areas; Marine litter and noise; Marine litter; Industrial releases; Fisheries; AgricultureNot Applicable
Countries-advance-State-of-the-Baltic-Sea-report.aspxCountries advance State of the Baltic Sea reportThe second HELCOM holistic assessment – State of the Baltic Sea – will be the common basis for governments for further measures to protect the sea.09/11/2016Monitoring and assessment; Pharmaceuticals; Industrial releases; Species and habitats; HOLAS IISTATE
Debate-about-sectors'-role-in-reducing-pollution-in-the-Baltic-8-November-2016.aspxDebate about sectors' role in reducing pollution in the Baltic 8 November 2016HELCOM will host a morning seminar ‘“This is what we need to do for a cleaner sea.” Sectors have their say’  in Stockholm, Sweden, in the EUSBSR Strategy Forum – take part in Twitter. 07/11/2016Shipping; Agriculture; Fisheries; Industrial releasesNot Applicable
Shipping-sector-cuts-Nitrogen-loads-to-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxShipping sector cuts Nitrogen loads to the Baltic SeaIMO agrees with HELCOM countries’ proposal to limit ships’ NOx emissions in the Baltic Sea. In the Baltic Sea area, major cuts in Nitrogen loads are expected as a result from both North and Baltic Sea NECAs.28/10/2016ShippingMARITIME
Toxic-waste-site-Krasnyi-Bor-discussed-by-HELCOM.aspxClean-up of toxic waste site Krasnyi Bor discussed by HELCOMHELCOM countries call for NEFCO to coordinate international involvement in remediation of Krasnyi Bor hazardous waste landfill.26/10/2016Industrial releasesPRESSURE
New-HELCOM-assessment-on-networks-of-marine-protected-areas.aspxNew HELCOM assessment on networks of marine protected areasThe coverage of coastal and marine protected areas in the Baltic Sea, or HELCOM MPAs, is at first-rate 12 % – however the network of MPAs is not yet ecologically coherent. 18/10/2016Marine protected areasSTATE
HELCOM-Chairs'-speeches-at-the-diplomatic-lunch.aspxHELCOM Chairs' speeches at the diplomatic lunchThe diplomatic community of Finland representing the Contracting Parties as well as the catchment area states gathered for the traditional HELCOM lunch on 12 October 2016.13/10/2016Not applicable; HOLAS IINot Applicable
Pollution-response-on-Baltic-shores-refined.aspxPollution response on Baltic shores gets refinedInternational cooperation to respond to spillages of oil and other harmful substances in the Baltic Sea area moves ahead as the HELCOM Manual improves.23/09/2016Response to spillsRESPONSE
A-new-era-for-HELCOM-cooperation-on-ballast-water.aspxA new era for HELCOM cooperation on ballast waterFifth HELCOM country, Finland, has ratified the Ballast Water Management Convention for ships. The global treaty will enter into force next year – a significant milestone in the work against invasive aquatic species.14/09/2016ShippingMARITIME
Does-it-pay-off-to-protect-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxDoes it pay off to protect the Baltic Sea?Finding out the economic damages of a deteriorating state of the Baltic Sea is a key task for HELCOM experts this winter. First results of the HELCOM cost-effectiveness analysis will be launched mid-2017.09/09/2016Monitoring and assessment; HOLAS IISTATE; GEAR
Baltic-Sea-Clean-Shipping-Guide-released.aspxBaltic Sea Clean Shipping Guide releasedThe publication is aimed at all mariners at sea and gives a general overview of the regional environmental and safety of navigation measures applied in the Baltic Sea to maritime traffic.08/09/2016ShippingMARITIME
HELCOM-looks-into-the-future-of-maritime-activities-in-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxHELCOM looks into the future of maritime activities in the Baltic SeaThe Maritime Working group will gather momentum for the future and discuss the next steps needed for the region in their 3-day in meeting in Tallinn, Estonia.06/09/2016ShippingMARITIME
Checking-up-pressures-on-the-Baltic-environment-.aspxChecking up pressures on the Baltic environment HELCOM, as a part of the forthcoming holistic assessment of the ecosystem health (HOLAS II), is speeding up work on assessing the impacts from human activities on the marine ecosystem.06/09/2016Monitoring and assessment; HOLAS IISTATE
Shared-support-for-the-threatened-Baltic-harbour-porpoise-.aspxShared support for the threatened Baltic harbour porpoise HELCOM reinforces links with ASCOBANS in a high-level meeting this week, discussing key challenges to the declining species. 31/08/2016Species and habitatsSTATE
Small-Danish-vessel-brings-Atlantic-spirit-to-HELCOM-Balex-Delta-2016.aspxSmall Danish vessel brings Atlantic spirit to HELCOM Balex Delta 2016Danish Naval Home Guard vessel MHV 904 Lyø sails 700 nautical miles with 12 crew to participate in HELCOM oil response exercise off Klaipeda in the Baltic Sea.04/07/2016Response to spillsRESPONSE
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