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WOA-II-workshop-in-Valetta.aspxHELCOM contributes to the preparation of the UN's second World Ocean Assessment A HELCOM team presented its expertise on marine management and sea assessment during a United Nations-led regional workshop held in Valetta, Malta from 27 to 28 August 2018.28/08/2018HOLAS II; Monitoring and assessment
BALEX-DELTA-2018.aspxBaltic Sea region tests its ability to respond to major maritime incidentsThe Baltic Sea region's ability to respond to major maritime incidents will be thoroughly tested once more during the BALEX DELTA 2018 exercise that will be held in Karlskrona, Sweden from 28 to 30 August 2018. 27/08/2018ShippingMARITIME; RESPONSE
HELCOM-publishes-report-on-sewage-port-reception-facilities-in-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxHELCOM publishes report on sewage port reception facilities in the Baltic SeaThe recently published HELCOM report Baltic Sea Sewage Port Reception Facilities – HELCOM overview 2018 provides information on the status of sewage port reception facilities (PRF) and their use in the Baltic Sea area, with a focus on international cruise20/08/2018ShippingMARITIME
HELCOM-at-SBSTTA-22-in-Montreal.aspxAt UN conference in Canada, HELCOM shares its insights on marine litter and the management of sea areasHELCOM shared its insights on both marine litter and the management of sea areas in the Baltic Sea region during a UN conference held in Montreal, Canada earlier this July.16/07/2018HOLAS II; Marine litter; Marine protected areas; Maritime spatial planning
HELCOM-Heads-of-Delegation-convene-in-Helsinki-key-meeting.aspxHELCOM Heads of Delegation convene in Helsinki key meeting, approve the Baltic Sea Action Plan update process and welcome new HELCOM chairHELCOM’s roadmap for the future took centre stage during the 54th Meeting of the Heads of Delegation (HOD 54-2018) that was held in Helsinki, Finland from 14 to 15 June 2017.15/06/2018Not applicable
Speech-by-HELCOM-Chair-Marianne-Wenning-at-the-diplomatic-lunch-2018.aspxSpeech by HELCOM Chair Marianne Wenning at the diplomatic lunch 2018Speech by Ms Marianne Wenning, Chair of the Helsinki Commission from 1.7-2016 to 30.6.2018, at the HELCOM Diplomatic Lunch on 13 June 201813/06/2018Not applicable
EUSBSR-Annual-Forum-in-Tallinn.aspxMore needs to be done: EUSBSR Annual Forum in Tallinn addresses Baltic Sea environmental challengesMarine environmental issues were a high priority at the 9th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) held in Tallinn, Estonia from 4 to 5 June 2018.06/06/2018HOLAS II
Data-from-HELCOM-countries-on-pollution-and-nutrient-load.aspxData from HELCOM countries on pollution and nutrient load in the Baltic Sea is now available to the publicA new online resource compiling data reported by HELCOM countries on input of nutrients to the Baltic Sea has recently been made available to the public. 05/06/2018Land based pollution
AGRI-6-2018-in-Riga.aspxHELCOM group meets in Riga to discuss nutrients from land-based sourcesAgricultural practices and their effects on the Baltic Sea were the main focus of the Sixth Meeting of the HELCOM Group on Sustainable Agricultural Practices (AGRI 6-2018) that was held at the Ministry of Agriculture in Riga, Latvia from 15 to 16 May 201818/05/2018Agriculture; Land based pollutionAgri group; AGRI/ENV
HELCOM-VASAB-MSP-16-2018.aspxHELCOM and VASAB validate efforts on maritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea region, advance new concepts during key meeting in HelsinkiEarlier in May, the joint HELCOM and VASAB Maritime Spatial Working Group met in Helsinki at the Ministry of the Environment of Finland to advance the agenda on maritime spatial planning (MSP) in the Baltic Sea region.15/05/2018Maritime spatial planningMSP WG
HELCOM-OpenRisk-workshop-in-Valletta.aspxHELCOM-led project contributes to improving preparedness and response to pollution at sea during international workshop in MaltaIn a bid to reinforce international preparedness and response to pollution at sea, the Third Interregional Workshop on Risk Assessment Tools for Pollution Preparedness and Response (PPR) from the HELCOM-lead OpenRisk project took place in Malta.27/04/2018Response to spills; Shipping
HELCOM-progresses-firmly-towards-reducing-input-of-pollutants-into-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxHELCOM progresses firmly towards reducing input of pollutants into the Baltic Sea, but more work lies aheadHELCOM came closer to its goals of reducing pollution loads on the Baltic Sea, as acknowledged during a key event held in Berlin from 18 to 20 April 2018.24/04/2018Land based pollution; Pharmaceuticals; Industrial releasesPRESSURE
HELCOM-PRESSURE-8-2018-group-meets-in-Berlin.aspxHELCOM group meets in Berlin to focus on reducing land-based pollution affecting the Baltic SeaThe Eighth Meeting of the HELCOM Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment Area (PRESSURE 8-2018) will be held in Berlin from 18 to 20 April 2018. The group is responsible for devising solutions to reduce land-based pollution.19/04/2018Land based pollutionPRESSURE
HELCOM-contributes-to-global-UN-meeting-in-Seoul,-sharing-insight-on-cross-sectoral-cooperation.aspxHELCOM contributes to global UN meeting in Seoul, sharing insight on cross-sectoral cooperation to reach the SDGs in the Baltic SeaHELCOM shared its experience on developing and implementing policies for ocean governance at the regional level during the Second Meeting of the Sustainable Ocean Initiative (SOI) Global Dialogue in Seoul.12/04/2018Fisheries; Maritime spatial planning
Baltic-Sea-nutrient-sources-and-pathways-analyzed-in-new-report.aspxBaltic Sea nutrient sources and pathways analysed in new reportEutrophication caused by oversupply by nutrients remains the major environmental pressure on the Baltic marine ecosystem. Major sources and pathways of nitrogen and phosphorus into the Baltic marine environment have been assessed in a HELCOM report.27/03/2018Land based pollution; Monitoring and assessmentPRESSURE
Environmental-dialogue-at-international-Baltic-forum-in-Russia.aspxEnvironmental dialogue at international Baltic forum in RussiaThe two-day XIX Baltic Sea Day forum in St. Petersburg, Russia gathered hundreds of participants. Talks followed up on themes of 2018 HELCOM Ministerial Meeting.23/03/2018Not applicableNot Applicable
Maritime-activities-in-the-Baltic-Sea-assessed-in-new-report.aspxMaritime activities in the Baltic Sea assessed in new reportHELCOM today releases a comprehensive assessment of maritime activities in the Baltic Sea. The report covers a wide range human activities at sea, from commercial maritime traffic to leisure boating and from fisheries to hazardous submerged objects.09/03/2018Fisheries; Marine litter and noise; Response to spills; ShippingMARITIME
HELCOM-agreement-reached-on-next-steps-for-a-healthy-Baltic-Sea.aspxHELCOM agreement reached on next steps for a healthy Baltic SeaThe Ministers of the Environment and High-Level Representatives of the nine Baltic coastal countries and the European Union, meeting today in Brussels, Belgium, have agreed on new commitments for the Baltic marine environment.06/03/2018Agriculture; Fisheries; HOLAS II; Industrial releases; Land based pollution; Marine litter; Marine litter and noise; Marine protected areas; Maritime spatial planning; Monitoring and assessment; Pharmaceuticals; Response to spills; Shipping; Species and habitats; Underwater noiseNot Applicable
Baltic-Sea-community-to-decide-on-renewed-efforts-for-a-healthy-Baltic-Sea.aspxBaltic Sea community to decide on renewed efforts for a healthy Baltic SeaToday, at the 2018 HELCOM Ministerial Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, the Baltic Sea countries and the EU come together to decide on renewed efforts to reach a healthy Baltic marine environment.06/03/2018Agriculture; Fisheries; Industrial releases; Land based pollution; Marine litter and noise; Marine litter; Marine protected areas; Maritime spatial planning; Monitoring and assessment; Pharmaceuticals; Response to spills; Shipping; Species and habitats; Underwater noiseNot Applicable
HELCOM-Ministerial-Meeting-to-draw-up-course-of-action-for-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxHELCOM Ministerial Meeting to draw up course of action for the Baltic SeaHigh-level representatives of the Baltic Sea countries meet in Brussels on 6 March to discuss state and future of the Baltic marine environment01/03/2018Not applicableNot Applicable
Uniqueness-of-Baltic-Sea-biodiversity-highlighted-in-regional-EBSA-workshop.aspxUniqueness of Baltic Sea biodiversity highlighted in regional EBSA workshopNine areas in the Baltic Sea described as Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas (EBSAs) according to the criteria of the Convention on Biological Diversity – Baltic Sea 14th marine area to hold regional EBSAs workshop28/02/2018Maritime spatial planning; Marine protected areasNot Applicable
Save-the-date--Joint-BONUS-HELCOM-Conference-6-November.aspxSave the date: Joint BONUS-HELCOM Conference on Research and Innovation for Sustainability, 6 November 2018, CopenhagenThis conference, joining together the 7th BONUS Forum and the 8th HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan Stakeholder Conference, reinforces and develops the synergies of HELCOM and BONUS in association with key strategic actors.26/02/2018Not applicableNot Applicable
Preparing-to-define-the-Baltic-Sea’s-significant-marine-areas.aspxPreparing to describe the Baltic Sea’s significant marine areasBaltic Sea community follows up on commitment to identify Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas (EBSAs) - International EBSA workshop and training session to be held 19–24 February in Helsinki, Finland16/02/2018Maritime spatial planning; Marine protected areasNot Applicable
Major-Baltic-Sea-oil-and-chemical-spill-recovery-exercise-is-taking-shape.aspxMajor Baltic Sea oil and chemical spill recovery exercise is taking shapePieces are put into place for the HELCOM BALEX DELTA 2018 oil and chemical spill recovery exercise, to be held on 27–30 August 2018 in Karlskrona area, Sweden - Planning updates to follow on the newly launched HELCOM BALEX DELTA 2018 web page26/01/2018Response to spillsRESPONSE
HELCOM-and-BONUS-tighten-collaboration-for-the-good-of-environmental-protection-action-in-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxHELCOM and BONUS tighten collaboration for the good of environmental protection action in the Baltic SeaHELCOM Heads of Delegation note the contribution of BONUS projects to policy-making, including the upcoming HELCOM Ministerial Meeting15/12/2017Not applicableNot Applicable
Major-Baltic-Sea-policies-reviewed-ahead-of-HELCOM-Ministerial-Meeting.aspxMajor Baltic Sea policies reviewed ahead of HELCOM Ministerial MeetingRegional ministers will discuss the state and future of the Baltic Sea marine environment in March – Heads of Delegation of the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission meet this week to prepare ministerial outcome12/12/2017Agriculture; Fisheries; Industrial releases; Land based pollution; Marine litter and noise; Marine protected areas; Maritime spatial planning; Monitoring and assessment; Pharmaceuticals; Response to spills; Shipping; Species and habitatsNot Applicable
Eel-and-the-Baltic-Sea-in-the-focus-of-a-joint-regional-workshop.aspxEel and the Baltic Sea in the focus of a joint regional workshopExperts to discuss Baltic Sea processes for eel assessment and management, with the aim of identifying ways of working together on eel more efficiently29/11/2017Fisheries; Monitoring and assessment; Species and habitatsFISH/ENV
Smart-nutrients-management-in-agriculture-promotes-shared-goals.aspxSmart nutrients management in agriculture promotes shared goalsNutrient recycling and rural water management discussed at HELCOM AGRI meeting last week – Increasing ammonia emissions require attention13/11/2017Agriculture; Land based pollutionAgri group
Marine-ecosystems-and-regional-policy-met-maritime-spatial-planning-in-HELCOM-VASAB-meeting.aspxMarine ecosystems and regional policy met maritime spatial planning in HELCOM-VASAB meetingThe coordination of regional policy and application of the ecosystem-based approach in maritime spatial planning were in focus of the 15th Meeting of the joint HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working Group in Warsaw this week.10/11/2017Maritime spatial planning; Marine protected areasMSP WG
COMPLETE-–-A-new-project-on-ballast-water-and-biofouling-in-the-Baltic-Sea-region.aspxCOMPLETE – A new project on ballast water and biofouling in the Baltic Sea regionThree-year project targets shipping’s harmful hitchhikers: invasive species - Expected results: knowledge, strategies, and tools for environmentally friendly shipping10/11/2017ShippingMARITIME
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