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HELCOM-at-UNEA-4.aspxAt UNEA-4, HELCOM furthers the debate on marine litterHELCOM participated in the Fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) that took place in Nairobi, Kenya from 11 to 15 March 2019, where it particularly contributed in advancing the debate on marine litter, microplastics and ocean-literacy.15/03/2019Marine litter
HELCOM-40-2019.aspxHELCOM addresses future orientations and adopts key recommendations on environmental protection during its annual meetingAt the 40th Meeting of the Helsinki Commission that was held in Helsinki (HELCOM 40-2019), Finland, from 6 to 7 March 2019, the HELCOM members addressed key orientations for the future, and also adopted several recommendations aimed at strengthening...07/03/2019Not applicable
ACTION-project-and-SOM-platform-launch.aspxThe update of the Baltic Sea Action plan takes another concrete step with the launch of two key initiatives on the sufficiency of measures to reach good environmental status The update of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) has taken another concrete step with the launch of two central initiatives, the ACTION project and the HELCOM SOM Platform. Launched in Helsinki during the end of February, both will focus on...01/03/2019HOLAS II; Monitoring and assessment
HELCOM-expert-interview--Heini-Ahtiainen-on-Economic-and-Social-Analysis.aspxHELCOM expert interview: Heini Ahtiainen on Economic and Social Analysis (ESA)Heini Ahtiainen is a project researcher on Economic and Social Analyses at the HELCOM Secretariat Question: What has economic and social analysis (ESA) to do with the flounder? Or: why has ESA become prevalent in HELCOM work?01/03/2019Monitoring and assessment; HOLAS IIGEAR
OpenRisk-Baltic-Sea-case-study.aspx​HELCOM case study showcases the potential of the OpenRisk guideline for maritime risk assessments related to oil spillsHELCOM has recently published a case study for the Baltic Sea showing the potential of the recently developed OpenRisk guideline for assessing maritime risk related to oil spills.28/02/2019Response to spills; Shipping; Monitoring and assessment
FISH-PRO-III-meeting-2019.aspxCoastal fish assessments will continue in the Baltic Sea with renewed HELCOM projectCoastal fish assessments will continue to be carried out in the Baltic Sea with renewed commitment from the HELCOM countries, as shown during the first meeting of the FISH-PRO III project that was held in Helsinki from 12 to 14 February 2019. 15/02/2019Fisheries; Monitoring and assessment; Species and habitatsFISH/ENV; STATE
RP-multi-stakeholder-dialogue.aspxStrengthening capacities for global ocean assessments is the central theme at UN conference in New YorkTo strengthen marine assessments around the world, the United Nations convened a capacity building conference in New York from 24 to 25 January 2019. HELCOM was invited to share its experience about assessing the Baltic Sea and managing a regional sea.29/01/2019Monitoring and assessment; HOLAS II
FanpLESStic-sea-launch.aspxFanpLESStic-sea: New research project focuses on reducing microplastics in the Baltic Sea A new research project will focus on decreasing and removing microplastics in the Baltic Sea. The project will increase knowledge and understanding about dispersal pathways and sources through measurements in different flows in society.16/01/2019Marine litter; Marine litter and noise
essential-fish-habitat-workshop-in-riga.aspxMapping of essential fish habitats gets underway in joint HELCOM-Pan Baltic Scope workshopExperts in marine biology and maritime spatial planning came together in Riga from 12 to 13 December in a workshop addressing essential fish habitats in the Baltic Sea, with the goal to map the most significant areas.14/12/2018Marine protected areas; Maritime spatial planning; Fisheries; Monitoring and assessment; Species and habitats
HELCOM-HOD-55-2018-meeting.aspxAt HELCOM key meeting, updates on the plan for a healthy Baltic Sea move forwardThe update of the Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) was a central topic at the 55th Meeting of the HELCOM Heads of Delegation (HOD 55-2018) held from 4 to 5 December 2018 at the HELCOM Secretariat in Helsinki, Finland.  05/12/2018Not applicableNot Applicable
New-EBSAs-in-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxUN agrees to nine marine ecologically significant areas in the Baltic SeaA final step for nine ecologically unique marine areas in the Baltic Sea to be included in a global registry was taken during the UN Biodiversity Conference held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt from 17 to 29 November 2018.30/11/2018Marine protected areas; Maritime spatial planning; Species and habitats
Coastal-fish-assessment-report-2018.aspxHELCOM report on coastal fish in the Baltic Sea finds that only half of the assessed areas are in a good stateHELCOM recently published a report assessing coastal fish in the Baltic. According to the report, only about half of the assessed areas obtain a good status.27/11/2018Fisheries; HOLAS II; Monitoring and assessment; Species and habitatsFISH/ENV; STATE
OpenRisk-Guideline-gets-launched.aspxOpenRisk launches guideline for risk management at sea to improve response to accidental spillsThe HELCOM-led OpenRisk project recently published its “OpenRisk Guideline for Regional Risk Management to Improve European Pollution Preparedness and Response at Sea”, providing guidelines and methods for maritime risk management.15/11/2018Response to spills; ShippingRESPONSE
BONUS-HELCOM-stakeholder-conference.aspxBONUS and HELCOM advance the environmental agenda of the Baltic Sea and bolster cooperation with other sea basins at key conference​To draw from the lessons of their respective initiatives for improving the Baltic Sea environment, BONUSand HELCOMinvited stakeholders from the region to the Joint BONUS-HELCOM Conference: Research and Innovation for Sustainability09/11/2018HOLAS II; Monitoring and assessment
OpenRisk-workshop-at-WMU.aspxFinal Inter-regional Workshop on Risk Assessment Tools for Pollution Preparedness and ResponseThe fourth, and final, Inter-regional Workshop on Risk Assessment Tools for Pollution Preparedness and Response under the OpenRisk project was hosted by WMU in Malmö, Sweden on 30 October 2018.02/11/2018Shipping; Response to spillsRESPONSE
State-and-conservation-9-2018.aspxNature conservation and monitoring of the Baltic Sea’s ecosystem take centre stage in Copenhagen during STATE & CONSERVATION 9-2018​Nature conservation and monitoring of the Baltic Sea's ecosystem were the focus of attention during the Ninth Meeting of the HELCOM Working Group on the State of the Environment and Nature Conservation (STATE & CONSERVATION 9-2018).29/10/2018Marine protected areas; Marine litter and noise; Monitoring and assessment; Species and habitatsSTATE
SuMaNu-kick-off-meeting.aspxSuMaNu, a new regional project platform on nutrient management gets launched at HELCOMAs part of the Baltic Sea region’s efforts to thwart eutrophication and its causes, the platform “Sustainable manure and nutrient management for reduction of nutrient loss in the Baltic Sea Region” (SuMaNu) had its kick-off meeting at HELCOM.25/10/2018Agriculture; Land based pollutionAgri group; LAND; AGRI/ENV
PLC6-reports-on-hazardous-substances-and-nutrients.aspxHELCOM publishes reports on hazardous substances and input of nutrients to the Baltic Sea through the region biggest riversHELCOM recently published two reports on hazardous substances and inputs of nutrients through the seven biggest rivers in the Baltic Sea region.   The reports show the results from the HELCOM Pollution Load Compilation (PLC) project.24/10/2018Land based pollution; Agriculture; Industrial releases; Monitoring and assessment; PharmaceuticalsPRESSURE
PRESSURE-9-2018.aspxHELCOM group meets in Riga to address land-based pollution and pressures on the Baltic SeaThe HELCOM Pressure group met in Riga, Latvia from 10 to 12 October 2018 to tackle matters related to land-based pollution of the Baltic Sea, during the Ninth Meeting of the Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment Area (PRESS19/10/2018Land based pollution; Marine litter and noisePRESSURE
RETROUT-project-for-promoting-coastal-fishing-in-the-Baltic-Sea-convenes-in-Stockholm-for-its-yearly-partnership-meeting.aspxRETROUT project for promoting coastal fishing in the Baltic Sea convenes in Stockholm for its yearly partnership meetingFor their yearly partnership meeting, the RETROUT project team members met in Stockholm from 1 to 2 October 2018 to report on the current state of the project and devise on future approaches and activities to be included in an updated of the work plan. Wi05/10/2018Fisheries; Maritime spatial planning; Monitoring and assessment; Species and habitats
MARITIME-18-2018-Meeting-in-Hamburg.aspxMARITIME 18-2018: HELCOM group meets in Hamburg to approve current work and future agenda on maritime mattersBaltic Sea maritime matters took centre stage at the 18th Meeting of the HELCOM Maritime Working Group (MARITIME 18-2018) that was held in Hamburg, Germany from 25 to 27 September 2018.28/09/2018ShippingMARITIME
State-of-the-Baltic-Sea-report-gets-an-update.aspx​HELCOM State of the Baltic Sea report: despite improvements, the Baltic Sea is not yet in a good stateThe recently updated HELCOM State of the Baltic Sea report is now publicly available, providing a complete insight about the ecological state of the Baltic Sea and the pressures affecting it. Despite improvements, the sea is not yet in a good state.26/09/2018HOLAS II; Monitoring and assessmentGEAR; STATE; PRESSURE
Interview-Maria-Laamanen.aspxState of the Baltic Sea: Interview with Maria LaamanenMaria Laamanen is the Head of the Finnish Delegation to HELCOM and works at the Finnish Ministry of the Environment. She answers questions about the process that led to the State of the Baltic Sea report.26/09/2018Monitoring and assessment; HOLAS IIGEAR; STATE; PRESSURE
WOA-II-workshop-in-Valetta.aspxHELCOM contributes to the preparation of the UN's second World Ocean Assessment A HELCOM team presented its expertise on marine management and sea assessment during a United Nations-led regional workshop held in Valetta, Malta from 27 to 28 August 2018.28/08/2018HOLAS II; Monitoring and assessment
BALEX-DELTA-2018.aspxBaltic Sea region tests its ability to respond to major maritime incidentsThe Baltic Sea region's ability to respond to major maritime incidents will be thoroughly tested once more during the BALEX DELTA 2018 exercise that will be held in Karlskrona, Sweden from 28 to 30 August 2018. 27/08/2018ShippingMARITIME; RESPONSE
HELCOM-publishes-report-on-sewage-port-reception-facilities-in-the-Baltic-Sea.aspxHELCOM publishes report on sewage port reception facilities in the Baltic SeaThe recently published HELCOM report Baltic Sea Sewage Port Reception Facilities – HELCOM overview 2018 provides information on the status of sewage port reception facilities (PRF) and their use in the Baltic Sea area, with a focus on international cruise20/08/2018ShippingMARITIME
HELCOM-at-SBSTTA-22-in-Montreal.aspxAt UN conference in Canada, HELCOM shares its insights on marine litter and the management of sea areasHELCOM shared its insights on both marine litter and the management of sea areas in the Baltic Sea region during a UN conference held in Montreal, Canada earlier this July.16/07/2018HOLAS II; Marine litter; Marine protected areas; Maritime spatial planning
HELCOM-Heads-of-Delegation-convene-in-Helsinki-key-meeting.aspxHELCOM Heads of Delegation convene in Helsinki key meeting, approve the Baltic Sea Action Plan update process and welcome new HELCOM chairHELCOM’s roadmap for the future took centre stage during the 54th Meeting of the Heads of Delegation (HOD 54-2018) that was held in Helsinki, Finland from 14 to 15 June 2017.15/06/2018Not applicable
Speech-by-HELCOM-Chair-Marianne-Wenning-at-the-diplomatic-lunch-2018.aspxSpeech by HELCOM Chair Marianne Wenning at the diplomatic lunch 2018Speech by Ms Marianne Wenning, Chair of the Helsinki Commission from 1.7-2016 to 30.6.2018, at the HELCOM Diplomatic Lunch on 13 June 201813/06/2018Not applicable
EUSBSR-Annual-Forum-in-Tallinn.aspxMore needs to be done: EUSBSR Annual Forum in Tallinn addresses Baltic Sea environmental challengesMarine environmental issues were a high priority at the 9th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) held in Tallinn, Estonia from 4 to 5 June 2018.06/06/2018HOLAS II
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