​HELCOM's main tasks are carried out by the eight ​main groups. In addition, HELCOM projects or ad hoc groups can be established to provide an adaptive and flexible system for dealing with specific issues from a more thematic perspective. Such projects and groups create useful linkages between the work carried out within the permanent working groups. Below is a list of ongoing HELCOM projects.

Previous projects are listed on the completed projects ​page.​

Action area
ACTIONGo to siteActions to Evaluate and Identify Effective Measures to Reach GES In The Baltic Sea Marine Region (ACTION)HOLAS II; Monitoring and assessmentOngoing2018-2020
BALEX DELTA 2018Go to siteBALEX DELTA 2018Response to spillsOngoing2017-2019
BALTIC LINesGo to siteCoherent linear infrastructures in Baltic Maritime Spatial PlansMaritime spatial planning; ShippingOngoing2016-2019
BaltiCheckGo to siteHELCOM CHECKLIST OF BALTIC SEA SPECIES 2.0 (BALTICHECK), 2018-2019Monitoring and assessment; Species and habitatsOngoing2018-2019
BSR WATERGo to sitePlatform on Integrated Water CooperationIndustrial releases; Land based pollutionOngoing2018-2021
COMPLETEGo to siteCompleting management options in the Baltic Sea Region to reduce risk of invasive species introduction by shippingShippingOngoing2017-2020
CSHIPPGo to siteClean Shipping Project PlatformShippingOngoing2018-2020
EnviSuMGo to siteEnvironmental Impact of Low Emission Shipping: Measurements and Modelling StrategiesShippingOngoing2016-2019
FanpLESStic-seaGo to siteInitiatiatives to remove microplastics before they enter the seaMarine litter and noiseOngoing2019-2021
FISH-PRO IIIGo to siteBaltic-wide assessment of coastal fish communities in support of an ecosystem-based managementMonitoring and assessment; Fisheries; Species and habitatsOngoing2018-2023
HASPS 3Go to siteHorizontal Action “Spatial Planning” Support 3Maritime spatial planningOngoing2018-2021
MANURE STANDARDSGo to siteAdvanced manure standards for sustainable nutrient management and reduced emissionsAgricultureOngoing2017-2019
OPENRISKGo to siteOpen tools for asssessing the risk of maritime accidents and spillsResponse to spills; ShippingOngoing2017-2018
PanBaltic SCOPEGo to sitePanBaltic SCOPEMaritime spatial planningOngoing2018-2019
PEGGo to siteHELCOM Phytoplankton Expert GroupMonitoring and assessmentOngoing2014-2016; 2017-2019 (EXTENDED)
PLC-6Go to siteSixth Baltic Sea Pollution Load CompilationMonitoring and assessmentOngoing2012-2018
PLC-7Go to siteSeventh Baltic Sea Pollution Load CompilationLand based pollutionOngoing2017-2020
RETROUTGo to siteDevelopment, promotion and sustainable management of the Baltic Sea Region as a coastal fishing tourism destinationMonitoring and assessment; Species and habitats; FisheriesOngoing2017-2020
SuMaNuGo to siteSustainable manure and nutrient management for reduction of nutrient loss in the Baltic Sea RegionAgricultureOngoing2018-2021